Vincent van Doughnut


I have a very important question to ask you. Very important. And you have to be completely honest.


Doughnut or Donut?

Mindblowing stuff here, guys. Leave it to me to ask the hard-hitting questions, right?

Okay, just kidding.

But seriously – how do you spell it? I’ve always spelled it “donut”; “doughnut” feels so fancy!

But for today (and just for today), I’m going to be a little fancy. Because I’m not just talking about any old donut; oh no, I’m talking about doughnuts today, baby.


Vincent van Doughnut! Also known as my favorite doughnut place in the world!

It’s true.

I wrote an article about Vincent van Doughnut in Feast Magazine not too long ago. I was excited to write about the shop then, and I’m even more excited to write about it now.

Let’s hop to it, shall we?

Vincent van Doughnut is a new doughnut shop located in Clayton. While the storefront is new, the company isn’t; they used to have a food truck that I was never lucky enough to catch. Needless to say, I was very happy that they opened a storefront.

It’s super cute on the inside:


It has a very airy, lofty feel. I took a quick look at their menu.


Cool looking menu. But you know what looked even cooler? The doughnuts!




Oh. My. Goodness. They looked even better in person, trust me.

I settled on two flavors: the cheesecake cookie crumble:


And the maple bacon. Because OF COURSE I DID.


You guys. Words can’t even express. Vincent van Doughnut boasts that they’re the only doughnut bakery in St. Louis that has homemade from scratch doughnuts, and you can absolutely taste the difference. Soft, doughy goodness right there. I was all over these babies!

They were both delicious, by the way. Don’t ask me to choose a favorite, because I literally cannot.

So yeah. I’ve been back several times to try other varieties, and my mind has been blown every time. I’m officially obsessed.

Run, don’t walk here, friends. Seriously. And get there early – Vincent van Doughnut sells out very early. And by early, I mean 10am. So get your tail there by 8am if you want the best selection.

See you next week!


Vincent van Doughnut

40 N. Central Avenue

Clayton, MO