The Stadium


Good morning and happy Friday! I hope your week is going well. As for me? Well, I’m having the best week ever. My 27th birthday was yesterday! I can’t believe I’m 27. Crazy!

Oh, and since the focus of my blog is food, I must show you this picture. Every year for my birthday, my mom buys a bunch of snacks for me.


Is this crazy or what? My mom definitely knows the way into my heart! Health blogger I am not. Thanks, mom!

Speaking of my awesome mom, she took me and my sister to The Stadium a few weeks ago. This sports bar is in the Lumiere Place Casino in downtown St. Louis.


It’s a pretty sweet place. I couldn’t stop snapping pictures!



In true sports bar fashion, there were TVs everywhere.


It was pretty empty when we arrived, so we could sit wherever we wanted. I chose the table with the iPad, naturally.



We checked out the menu a bit. The Stadium has all of the typical bar food you’d expect. Wings, toasted ravioli, french fries. The whole nine.

However, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from dining out with my mom, it’s that the menu is useless. We just ordered a bit of everything that sounded tasty.

We started with smothered tater tots.


These babies were topped with ooey gooey cheese, tomatoes, bacon, and scallions. Yum. While I enjoyed the bites that were covered in cheese, the plain tater tots were pretty…well…plain. I definitely could have used more cheese!

Speaking of cheese, we had a pretzel with cheese next.



This soft pretzel was served with cheese as well as a dijon mustard. I liked the cheese, but I loved the mustard. It had a tangy kick that I was a big fan of.

Next up? Onion rings.



I’m not a fan of onion rings, so I didn’t try these. But my mom and sister loved them!

While mom and sis munched on onion rings, I conquered these:



Garlic and parmesan fries. I really liked these fries. They were piping hot, crispy, and super flavorful. I tried not to eat too many fries, because this was next:



Chicken strips.



With more fries. Steak fries.


I loved the chicken strips. The steak fries? Not so much. They were okay, but I’m a fan of skinnier fries, to be honest.

As if we hadn’t sampled enough appetizers, my mom wanted to order The Tailgater:


If you’re going to visit The Stadium, I recommend this sampler platter. It comes with warm pita, spinach and artichoke dip, ribs, jalapeno poppers, and chicken wings. I loved it all! And as you can see, it’s definitely enough food to split between a good number of people.

While we let the appetizers settle, my sister and I ordered a few beer flights:


From left to right: Blue Moon, New Belgium 1554, Rogue Dead Guy Ale, and Fuller’s London Porter.



From left to right: Guinness, Six Row IPA, Goose Island Matilda, and Paulander Heffe.

My sister and I sipped each one. My favorite? Matilda. It was smooth with a sweet finish that I loved. Since I’m no beer expert, that’s about as much detail that I can give you. Trust me – it was good!

My sister also ordered one of these:


A beer float! This particular beer float contained Belgian Peach Schnapps, vanilla ice cream, and Chimay Tripel Trappist. On first sip, I wasn’t a fan. Beer and ice cream? Meh. But after the ice cream melted into the beer, it was more tolerable. I don’t know if I could drink an entire float, though.

Now on to the entrees!

I ordered the Buffalo Chicken salad: crispy fried chicken strips, lettuce, tomatoes, roasted corn, and smoked bacon.


It came with your choice of ranch or blue cheese dressing, but I decided that this salad was flavorful enough without dressing. I really enjoyed it!

My sister ordered the chicken breast with a side of baked beans and potato salad.



I had a bite of her chicken, and it was flavorful and moist. The potato salad was unmemorable, but the baked beans? Amazing!

My mom had the grilled ham and cheese sandwich:


Cheddar, American, and Pepperjack cheese. Honey Baked Ham. Texas Toast. Oh yeah. I took a huge bite and fell in love.

All of that food, and we still wanted dessert? You better believe it.

We started with carrot cake.


I’m normally not a fan of carrot cake, because I don’t like raisins and nuts in my cake. But this carrot cake didn’t have either nuts or raisins, so naturally I was a big fan. There are few things better than rich cream cheese icing. Truth.

Next up? Apple pie.


Actually, it was more like an apple pie tart. It was served with vanilla ice cream. I had a bite and loved it! So good. I wish I could have fit more in my stomach, but I was holding out for the final dessert:



Fried cheesecake bites! These were just as awesome as they looked. Piping hot cheesecake and rich caramel sauce. Mmm!

Oof. Now how’s that for a dinner? Needless to say, we had tons of leftovers.

I enjoyed my meal at The Stadium. I would definitely come back here to sample other items on the menu. Oh, and then there’s this:



Ahem. This girl loves a good challenge…

See you next week! Winking smile

  • Debbie

    We sat at a table for six. We had soo much food the servers thought more people were coming! I had a blast at the Stadium!

    • Anonymous

      I had so much fun, too! I can’t believe how much food we ordered!

  • Ellispart3

    lol another great review!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Ellis! 🙂

  • Theresa Nellams

    I really enjoyed Stadium when I went…love love LOVE their honey mustard which is made with coarse ground brown mustard, yumm!


  • MaryInOhio

    The newspaper for a grease catcher turns me off for fear of ink getting into the hot food just seems not such a good idea