The Original Pancake House


It’s no secret that I’m quite obsessed with brunch. Maybe it’s the fact that most of my favorite foods (read: BACON) fall within the brunch category. Maybe it’s because brunch hours (11am-2pm) are so perfect for this lazy girl. Or maybe it’s because I just love drinking mimosas, bloody marys, and (spiked) coffee.

Perhaps it’s all of the above reasons? Yeah, let’s just roll with that. 🙂

In any event, when my cousin’s wife suggested heading out for a lazy Sunday brunch, I was more than happy to hop my lazy booty out of bed. And when it came time for suggestions? Only one place was on my mind:


The Original Pancake House!


Not to be confused with IHOP. Please don’t confuse this place with IHOP!

No, this place is much, much better. And instead of letting this post drag on with boring pictures of the interior, I’m going to jump straight to the food.

Okay, okay…I do have to post this one picture:


Bacon makes everything better. #TRUTH

Okay, now we can talk about the food!

The pancake house has many good things going for it, but the thing I like the most? Their huuuuuge menu. They have every flavor of pancake, omelette, and french toast imaginable.

My boyfriend (I forgot to mention that he came along because I’m the worst girlfriend ever, but yeah, he was here) ordered the huevos rancheros, which came with a side of beans:



Risky choice, in my opinion – this ain’t no Mexican restaurant! – but it paid off; he loved it. 🙂

My cousin’s wife ordered strawberry french toast:


It looked incredible, and according to her, tasted incredible as well!

As for me? I decided to be a super duper fatty and order their Apple Pancake:


You guyssssssss. There’s a reason why this is their house specialty. This sucka was good! It was huge, hot, bubbly, flavorful, and just…perfect. Perfect! Words just cannot describe. If you visit here you must order this! It’s big enough for at least three people to share – I tried tackling this baby all on my own and failed miserably. It’s huge!

All in all, the original pancake house was superb. The service was great, the food was delicious (and not expensive at all!), and there is definitely something for everyone on their menu. My only recommendation? Get here early or use the NoWait app. Wait times are often over 2 hours, and they don’t take reservations.


The Original Pancake House

8817 Ladue Road

Ladue, Missouri, 63124