Soulard Coffee Garden


Happy Friday! Can you believe July is almost over?!? Where is this year going? It’s just flying. I kinda like it. Smile

Anyway, I recently visited Soulard Coffee Garden for a yummy breakfast.




What a cute place!


The interior was very cozy, yet spacious. There was also a nice outdoor patio, but the hot weather kept us inside. Smile

I scoured their online menu in advance, so I already knew what I wanted: french toast!

But first, a drink. I settled with their iced chai.


This was so good. Flavorful, sweet, cool, and refreshing. Just what I needed on a hot July afternoon.

Okay, now it’s french toast time!


Topped with a healthy dollop of whipped cream and served with maple syrup, this hit the spot. It was simple, yet delicious. I’ve never met french toast that I didn’t like!

I ordered some fruit to accompany my french toast.


If you order fruit alongside a not-so-healthy dish, the fruit cancels out the calories of the unhealthy item! Fact.

My friend ordered the eBLT: a BLT with two eggs! Notice the addition of fruit to cancel out the unhealthy food. Smart woman.


We both gobbled down our food in record time! I was a hungry bear.

My french toast was good. It wasn’t mindblowing, but it served its purpose.

Service at Soulard Coffee Garden was friendly and attentive. No complaints there! Prices were also very reasonable.

Next time I find myself in Soulard, I’ll definitely stop by Soulard Coffee Garden again! Consider me a fan. Smile

See you next week!

  • I just went fr the first time last Sunday (planning to do a post too!). I had the same inital thought as you too – such a cute place! We sat upstairs by the windows and I really felt like I was in someones house. Probably because it may have been an old Soulard house…. whatever.

    I had the eBLT too and it was GOOOOOOOD. I’ll definitely order it again next time. The iced white mocha wasn’t enough for me… I’ll save that for Park Ave. I want to try their other iced drinks though. My friend had the hash and said it was typical, nothing special – like your french toast.

    I’ll for sure be back! Can’t believe I waited so long to try the place!

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like you had an awesome experience, danielle! I must try the eBLT next time I visit. Can’t wait to read your post on Soulard Coffee Garden!

  • Yum, that french toast looks good!!! Is it soft?

    • Anonymous

      It was very soft and delish!