Seedz Cafe


Happy Friday! This week has been absolutely insane at work. I’ve been crazy busy with training, meetings, and overall shenanigans. I love every minute of it, but sometimes I look back and wonder where the week went. Today is definitely one of those days. It’s Friday already?!?

One thing has absolutely helped me get through this week, however:


HOPSLAM!!! I’m officially obsessed with this beer, and I may or may not currently have a fridge full of it right now. Why must there be such a scarce supply of this heavenly stuff? One of life’s many questions.

You know what else has gotten me through this week?

Good food.


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Seedz Cafe is located in the Demun neighborhood of St. Louis.  They offer 100% organic, plant-based cuisine, and according to their website, they were named one of the top 10 healthiest restaurants in St. Louis. See? I do eat healthy food sometimes! 😉

When I visited Seedz Cafe, I was in the mood for some fresh pressed juice. Seedz makes their stuff in house, and the menu included drinks like the Zen Dragonfly (spinach, romaine, apple, strawberry), the Om Shanti Elixer (greens, apple, ginger, pineapple, orange, cilantro), and the Emerald Fantasy (orange, apple, basil, cilantro, cucumber, turmeric).

However, their Green Goddess really caught my eye. I went with that.


This baby included kale, spinach, strawberry, apple, fennel, and lime. It was delicious! I could drink this everyday, but the 9 dollar price tag knocked me back down to reality. I could definitely make this at home for a fraction of the price.

Food-wise, Seedz has a lot of creative items on the menu.There’s the Rockin Mockin Tuna (carrot, vegan mayo, capers, cherry tomatoes, and sprouts in a sprouted grain wrap), Raw Pad Thai (raw zucchini noodles tossed with basil garlic peanut sauce on a bed of spinach), and the Tempeh Reuben (tempeh, sauerkraut, and house made 1000 Island dressing on a sprouted grain wrap).

I decided to keep it relatively simple by going with their Veggie Burger.


This was a sprouted chickpea veggie burger topped with a cashew chipotle cheddar, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and sprouts on a sesame bun. It was served with a simple side salad and a few tortilla chips.

This was pretty good! It looks small, but it was definitely the perfect amount of food for me. I wish the bun was a little softer, though. I think it would have made the burger a little tastier.

All in all, Seedz is a pretty solid spot. I’m not sure I would go back – I spent close to $30 on this meal, which seems excessive – but if I’m craving something healthy and didn’t feel like cooking at home, this spot would work.

Seedz Cafe

6344 South Rosebury Avenue

St. Louis, MO 63105