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Hola! Who else took Spanish in highschool? I took it in both highschool and college (eight years total)! and sometimes I feel like I have very little to show for it. I’ve forgotten so much español over the years. Maybe one day I’ll make a concerted effort to really immerse myself in the language. I’d love to become fluent in Spanish one day.

Until then? I’ll just enjoy the food!

My latest food-related adventure took me to Crestwood, a small suburb of St. Louis. I was craving fish tacos like crazy, and I heard that San Jose Mexican Restaurant had a really tasty version! Only one way to find out for sure. Winking smile

photo 2

I walked in during a busy lunch hour, and I was immediately greeted, seated, and handed a menu. Before I could even open my menu and take a sip of my ice cold water, these were placed in front of me:


photo 6

Come to mama! Boy, do I love chips and salsa. These chips were absolutely delicious! They were on the thicker side, which I enjoyed. They were lightly salted and were warm! I could have eaten these babies all by themselves, but I had to dig in to that delicious salsa. The salsa was tasty, but it was extremely mild. I like things a bit spicier.


photo 7

Hot sauce to the rescue! San Jose had a few varieties to choose from; I chose the Chile Habanero pictured on the right. Yum! Mixing a bit of this into the salsa gave it just the kick I desired.

On to the food! Like I said, I was craving fish tacos, so that made my choice rather easy.

photo 1

Done and done!

Not even 10 minutes later, my tacos were placed in front of me. Super fast service. I like it!

photo 10photo 9

Before I tore into the fish tacos, I sampled the sides. The rice that accompanied my dish was, unfortunately, not the best that I’ve ever had. It was missing a lot of flavor; it was incredibly bland. Not even hot sauce could save it.

Fortunately, the fish tacos more than made up for the sub-par rice. These were piping hot and super flavorful! The fish was flaky, moist, and had a bit of a kick to it, thanks to the spices that it was cooked in. I couldn’t get enough of these tacos; adding a bit of hot sauce made them taste even better!

Service at San Jose Mexican Restaurant was perfect. I couldn’t ask for a friendlier waiter. My water was kept full, and I lost count of how many times he came to check on me!

Prices here were very reasonable. Cheap Mexican food makes this food blogger very happy. Smile

I would highly recommend San Jose Mexican if you’re in the area. And you’ve gotta go for the fish tacos! Trust me on this one.

Adios, and I’ll see you next week!

  • Always good to know where to find a decent fish taco. Milagro in Webster has great ones, as does Amigo’s in Kirkwood. I’ll definitely get over to San Jose to try theirs. Thanks for sharing!

    • OffTheEatenPathSTL

      I agree that the fish tacos at Milagro are great! I’ll have to check out Amigo’s. Thanks for the recommendation!