Ribs Challenge, Week 1: Smoki O’s and Bully Boys


Good morning, friends! Happy August! Wow…I can’t believe it’s August already. Summer is almost over, and even though it’s been a scorcher, I’m a little sad about it.

You know what I’m not sad about? The Ribs Challenge! Ever since I made the announcement about the challenge last Friday, it’s all I could think about! I absolutely adore ribs. Well…I adore all food, but ribs make me especially happy.

It’s a good thing I’m such a rib lover; this challenge is going to be intense. Unlike my other two challenges, this one is going to span only five weeks. Two helpings of ribs a week? Yes, yes, yes!

Let’s hop right in. First up? Smoki O’s!


This place, located on North Broadway in North City, St. Louis, is definitely off the (b)eaten path! I couldn’t wait to put their ribs to the test.


These ribs were very well sauced. I needed lots of napkins for these babies! The sauce, while smoky and tangy, wasn’t really my favorite.

But the ribs themselves? Amazing! The meat had a delicious smoked flavor that I fell in love with. And the meat fell right off the bone! It was some of the most tender ribs I’ve had. Two thumbs up!

Alright…so now that Smoki O’s is out of the way, let’s move on to my next adventure: Bully Boys!



This cozy shack was on the other side of the city, in the South St. Louis/Bevo Mill area.

I already knew what to order, which made life easy. Ribs, please!



These were very different from Smoki O’s. As you can see, Bully Boys uses more of a dry rub; you’re responsible for saucing the ribs yourself!

As much as I wanted to love these ribs (after all, they look amazing!), I just wasn’t crazy about these. The flavor was decent, but they were tough and hard to eat; a far cry from the tender ribs at Smoki O’s. Sorry, Bully Boys…your ribs weren’t awful, but they didn’t knock my socks off, either.

Phew! Week 1 of the Ribs Challenge is in the bag! 4 more weeks and 8 more restaurants to go! Wish me luck…and if you have any suggestions on BBQ spots I should hit up for ribs, leave me a comment below (or on Facebook) and let me know! Winking smile