Phat Boys BBQ


I. Am. So. Happy. It’s. FRIDAY!

No special reason, really. I don’t have any major plans this weekend, and this week was a really good week at work. I’m just…ready for the weekend. I’m really looking forward to sleeping in this weekend!

Another thing I love about the weekend is that I have time to do things that I love. Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love my job, but I also love running, yoga, hiking, cooking, and writing.

And if you follow me on Twitter, then you know that I do a little bit of writing for Feast Magazine. Cool, right?

My latest Feast story was about this little BBQ joint in Florissant:


Phat Boys BBQ! Phat stands for Pretty Hot and Tasty. I knew this was going to be a good place just based on the name alone!

The inside was small, big the menu was big!


So many delicious things to choose from! The Phat Boy Beast caught my eye, and the owners recommended it, so I went for it. It consists of 8 ounces of beef brisket topped with a choice of either 8 ounces of pulled pork or 8 ounces of pulled chicken. I went with the pork.

I don’t think I was prepared for what came out:


Holy freaking moly, y’all. Holy. Freaking. Moly. This picture doesn’t even begin to do this sandwich justice – it was huge!

This is the kind of sandwich you need a fork to eat, so I did just that. It was so good. The brisket was flavorful and tender; it practically melted in my mouth! And the pulled pork was full of flavor as well. And the BBQ sauce?!?! Well…if you’ve been reading my blog for any period of time, you know that BBQ sauce is my favorite condiment of all time. Of all time! And this stuff was gooooood.

When I wasn’t drooling and/or snapping pictures of everything, I chatted with the owners, Derek and Tracie. They were so incredibly nice!


All in all, I highly recommend Phat Boys. I can’t wait to go back and try some other items on the menu! I have a feeling I’m going to be all over their peach cobbler. Yum!

If you want to read an…*ahem*…more professional-sounding review, please check out my Feast Article! More detail, fewer emoticons. I am capable of it, y’all!

See you next week.


Phat Boys BBQ

300 St. Ferdinand St.

Florissant, Missouri