Papa Tom’s Fancy Franks (And GIVEAWAY WINNER!)


Happy Friday! Usually I would be happy that today is Friday, but I’m not going to lie; I’m actually a little sad. Why? Because I’m one day closer to having to return this beauty:


I return the 2013 Malibu Eco on Monday, and I’m not looking forward to it. I’ve had so much fun driving this car around St. Louis! I suppose I better enjoy my last three days with the Eco.

Three more days of fancy leather seats.


Three more days of XM Satellite Radio. (and a sweet touch screen!)



Three more days of cruising around in the coolest car I’ve ever driven.


Hey, Chevy…if you wanted to let me keep this car forever, I wouldn’t complain. Just saying! Winking smile

Anyway, moving on. If there’s one thing that can cheer me up, it’s food! So let’s talk about that, shall we?

One of the biggest things to hit the St. Louis food scene over the past year or two are food trucks. Chances are you’ve seen a number of food trucks rolling around in the city during lunchtime. These mobile food stands are quite the treat; you can find a food truck for just about any cuisine!

If you’re lucky enough to work in downtown St. Louis, there are a number of food trucks to choose from for lunch.

Did you catch that? Downtown St. Louis?

Yeah. If you’re unlucky like me, you work nowhere near the city. Food trucks rarely come out to St. Louis county; the foot traffic isn’t there, and I’m sure there is a bunch of red tape as far as rules and regulations are concerned. Whatever the reason is, I don’t get to enjoy food trucks like my lucky friends who work in the city.

Until now, that is.

On Wednesday, I found out via Twitter that Papa Tom’s Fancy Franks was going to be parked near my office for lunch! True to its name, this truck serves up fancy hotdogs and more. Of course I had to take advantage of this rare opportunity!


Papa Tom’s offers a variety of unique hot dogs; everything from the Blue Apple Brat (brat, bacon, blue cheese, fuji apples, and sage honey) to the classic Chili Dog, and everything in between! Papa Tom’s also offers fries, chips, and cole slaw to round out your meal. According to their website, they also serve breakfast!

The Texas Barbecue Dog caught my eye. This decadent treat starts with a G&W Bavarian-style frank and is topped with bacon, grilled chipotle onion, barbecue sauce, and melted sharp white cheddar cheese. It is served on a warm bun. Sounds heavenly, right? I could resist adding some California Fries (crinkle cut fries tossed with melted butter, garlic, parsley, and sea salt) to my meal.



Wow. Where do I start? Let’s start with the fries. Normally, crinkle cut fries don’t do anything for me; they’re usually too bland and boring for my tastes. But these? These were awesome. I think the butter and garlic had something to do with it. Smile

The hot dog didn’t disappoint, either. Truthfully, I didn’t care for the onions (I should have asked for the dog without onions!), but once I picked them off, this dog was perfect. The bun was warm and super soft, the dog was juicy and flavorful, and you really can’t go wrong with cheese and barbecue sauce! I enjoyed it. Smile

Service was fast and friendly, and the price wasn’t too terrible! This lunch ran me under $10, which made me happy. I appreciated that Papa Tom’s accepted credit cards (I rarely carry around cash), so the convenience factor is there too. Two thumbs up! I’ll be back for sure.

Moving right along to the giveaway winner! As I said on Wednesday, Chevy was generous enough to provide me with two tickets to this Sunday’s Saucy Soiree, hosted by Sauce Magazine.



Thanks to everyone who entered by leaving a comment here or on my Facebook page answering the “What’s your favorite local restaurant in St. Louis” question. Answers ranged from Half & Half (yum!) to Eleven Eleven Mississippi.

I wrote down the names of everyone who entered the contest:



And I used to generate a random number between 1-10:



Congrats Socity_girl! I’ll get in touch with you and get those tickets to you! Smile

Thanks again to Chevy for providing the tickets. Make sure to follow them on Twitter @ChevySTLKeys for more giveaways, St. Louis news, etc.

See you next week Smile