Old Standard


When it comes to fried chicken, I’m pretty picky, and for good reason: I have a sister in culinary school, and my mom makes some pretty awesome chicken wings. I’ve been spoiled with really, really good fried chicken.

So when I heard about Old Standard, I was intrigued, but to be completely honest? I wasn’t super excited. At least not as excited as every other foodie in this city seemed to be.

That doesn’t mean that I wasn’t curious, though! When it comes to reviews of this place, they’ve been pretty mixed, so I was excited to check it out for myself – with a few friends, of course!


The interior of Old Standard reminded me of a barn. A really cool, delicious smelling barn.


I perused the menu, and naturally, I had to check out the drink selection first. Old Standard has a very impressive whiskey selection!


And while I do enjoy whiskey these days, I was drawn to the mixed drinks.


Everything sounded amazing, but the Gold Rush (bourbon, honey, and lemon) caught my eye. Yes, please!


This was delicious, and if I didn’t have to drive myself home, I definitely would have ordered another.

On to the food! We were all starving, so appetizers were a must.

IMG_6832010815 IMG_6820010815

We started with the biscuit and bread sampler. It included flaky biscuits, drop biscuits, ‘real’ cornbread, and yankee cornbread! We ordered it with molasses-pecan butter, lemon-honey butter, and strawberry-blackberry jam.


They were all tasty, but I especially loved the yankee cornbread. It was so sweet and buttery! The lemon-honey butter and strawberry-blackberry jam were both delicious. The molasses-pecan butter, though? Not my favorite.

Everyone else really wanted to try the boiled peanut hummus too, and I’ll admit – that didn’t sound tasty to me at all. But I was outvoted!


And I’m really glad I was outvoted, because this was really good! The hummus was creamy, rich, and amazing. I loved the addition of the spicy jalapenos.

For my main course, I knew I had to order chicken (duh!), but instead of just ordering thighs, legs, or wings, I went with their fried chicken sandwich. It came with housemade chips, and I ordered a side of mashed potatoes to accompany it.



Um, holy delicious! This was pretty great. The portion was huge – this photo definitely doesn’t do it justice – and the chicken itself? Juicy, flavorful, and it even had a bit of a kick to it!

My mashed potatoes were tasty, too.


We were so stuffed after our meals that dessert didn’t even cross our minds, but our awesome waitress brought out a sample of their banana pudding – on the house!


Banana pudding is tasty. Free banana pudding? Even tastier!

All in all, I really enjoyed Old Standard. Did anything knock my socks off or rock my world? Not really. Well…not unless you count the drink I had. But food-wise? It’s not anything mind-blowing. But it’s good food. It’s a solid place, and you should check it out if you can!

See you next week.


Old Standard Fried Chicken

1621 Tower Grove Avenue

St. Louis, MO 63110


  • Debbie

    Great review! I am putting this on my must try list. I love fried chicken and I’m hoping I enjoy the chicken as much as you did! (Maybe even more)