About a month or so ago, I was invited to taste the new menu at Truffles in Ladue.


Does anyone else think of something extremely fancy when they think of Truffles? I mean, there’s gotta be a reason why truffles are so darn expensive, right? Right?

Anyway, Truffles is a nice restaurant tucked into the heart of Ladue, a suburb of St. Louis. Honestly, I don’t venture through Ladue very often, so I didn’t even realize the restaurant existed for a while! What kind of food blogger am I, anyway?!? Smile

Needless to say, I was very excited to check out this new (to me) restaurant. Aimee (the awesome Community Manager of Yelp) came too; hurray for girl’s night!

We walked in, and the friendly waiter immediately presented us with water and menus. I was craving a sweet cocktail, so I asked the waiter what he recommended. I wanted something light, fruity, and made with rum.

I was presented with this:


Oh. My. Gosh. This was amazing! I’m not exactly sure of every ingredient that was in the drink, but it definitely had rum and peach puree in it. Deliciously refreshing.

On to the food! Truffles has a nice variety of food; there was certainly something for every palate.


I noticed that roasted bone marrow was on the starters menu, and I knew I had to try it. I’ve never had bone marrow, and I love trying new things!



Look at that awesome presentation! The bone marrow was roasted with pistachios and capers, and was served alongside crostini and an herb salad.

The bone marrow itself? Amazing! I spread it on the crostini, and it was rich and creamy, just like butter. I loved it!

Aimee started with an artisan cheese plate:



I had a few nibbles, and it was very good.

For my entrée, I went with the potato gnocchi. It was served with sungold tomatoes, garlic, and bottarga (salted fish roe).



Wow. This was easily the best gnocchi I’ve ever had! I loved the chewy texture of the gnocchi, and the flavors of the tomatoes and garlic really came through. Delicious.

Aimee had the beef shortrib:



I’m pretty sure the picture speaks for itself, but I’ll say it anyway: this was good. Really rich and just plain fantastic.

Service at Truffles went above and beyond; our waiter was always there to answer questions, refill our water, etc.

The food was fantastic, and I can’t wait to come back and sample more of the menu! Two huge thumbs up for Truffles.

See you next Friday!