Neiman Marcus Zodiac Restaurant


So I went to Plaza Frontenac a few weeks ago.

Just let that sink in for a bit.

If you’re not from St. Louis, Plaza Frontenac is a super ritzy mall in Frontenac. Stores such as Louis Vuitton, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Tiffany & Co. dot this mall. In other words, this high-end mall is a little too rich for my blood. My favorite clothing store is Kohl’s, okay? Don’t judge. Smile

Anyway, Plaza Frontenac also has a Neiman Marcus store with a restaurant inside: Zodiac. Admittedly, I never even knew about this restaurant. Apparently, it’s been around for years! Whoops…did I just have a bad food blogger moment?

When I was on the set of Great Day St. Louis in November, I met Ellen Soule, one of the public relations managers for Neiman Marcus. I told her about my food blog, and she invited me to check out Zodiac.

And the rest is history, my friends.

I came to Zodiac on a quiet Saturday afternoon for lunch. The restaurant is located on the second floor of Neiman Marcus. It was so tucked away, you wouldn’t know it was there! But inside, it was beautiful.






Oh, hi there! Smile

I was quickly handed a menu, along with some water to sip on while I made my choice.



While I scanned the menu, a small cup of chicken broth was brought to the table.



It was simple, yet absolutely delicious. It was hot, rich, and so flavorful. I loved this! It was perfect for a cold winter day.

Instead of starting you with bread and butter, Zodiac passes around fresh popovers with strawberry butter.



Oh my. This was hot, fluffy, and so light! Can you believe this was my first time trying a popover? With the strawberry butter, it was heaven in my mouth. I may have eaten two or three of these. Smile

While the menu had a few tasty sounding offerings, I went with the special of the day: Chicken Pot Pie.



Does this look amazing, or what? It was chicken pot pie with a twist. The base was similar to what you’d expect, but there were shaved black truffles in this baby! And the phyllo dough – amazing. This was so rich and filling I could barely finish half! I highly recommend this if it’s on the menu.

I was so stuffed after this I didn’t think I could fit another bite into my mouth. But then the dessert menu came out. And…well…they had bread pudding…



Hello there, beautiful! This bread pudding contained nuts and cranberries, and was topped with vanilla ice cream, and surrounded by a light raspberry sauce. It was almost too pretty to eat!

While the ice cream and raspberry sauce were amazing, the bread pudding wasn’t my favorite. Texture-wise, it was ideal: it was firm without being too soggy. But the addition of cranberries and nuts (I think they were walnuts?) made this taste too much like fruitcake. Festive? Sure. But not what I was looking for or expecting.

Overall, my meal at Zodiac was fantastic. I loved the popovers, and my chicken pot pie was delicious. But I’d skip the bread pudding next time. And there will be a next time, trust me!

See you next week!

Disclaimer: My meal at Zodiac was comped; however, all opinions (as always) are 100% honest!

  • Kimmrenea

    Now you can consider yourself ritzy and upper-crust, Ma’am. Wow. The Decor in this place is why it’s hidden off in a corner! They don’t want riff-raff in there, now do they?! Yeah, that bread pudding looks more like cornbread…Beautiful cornbread, that is…And that Pot Pie…I’m making that…

  • Kimmrenea

    …for my next dinner party! What a great idea! Served up on some pretty Kohl’s dishes—And I’m the GIRL! Thanks for another great review! I LOVE looking at the pics and reading about the food!

    • Anonymous

      thanks so much, Renea! You should totally make the pot pie for a dinner party 🙂

  • Yvonne Ray

    I am definitely going to take my club members there. Sounds and looks like someplace we would absolutely love! Was it very pricey? Thanks for such a good review. We’re always looking for different places to visit.

    • Anonymous

      I think you would definitely love it! It was a little pricey, but not TOO terrible; most entrees were between $12-18. But I think it was worth it!