The Gumbo Shop


Hi friends! How’s it going? I know I’ve been gone for a while, but I’m back! And with a fun (hopefully!) experience to talk about.

My latest adventure took me to The Gumbo Shop. It’s a tiny shack on Manchester road in Rock Hill.


Mmmm…gumbo. Whenever I think of gumbo, I can’t help but think about one of my favorite Barack Obama pictures:


How awesome is our president?

Anyway, although the Gumbo Shop has a nice variety of sandwiches, jambalaya, and gumbo, I was here for something else.

Meet my friend Allan!


I met him through a Yelp Elite event. He and his wife are super nice and pretty fantastic (but what foodies aren’t?). He invited me to the inaugural Gumbo Shop Crawfish Boil Extravaganza. Okay, I totally made that name up, but I think he should consider calling it that. Just sayin’. Smile

Every Saturday, Allan boils up a ton of crawfish, along with some other goodies: sausage, corn, and mushrooms. Normally, this costs $6.99 per pound (with a 10 lb minimum – check the website for details!), but he did a test run for his friends for free. Lucky us!

I had never eaten crawfish before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I just sat back and watched the action!

He started out by throwing a bunch of crawfish into a huge boiling pot of water.


Boil, baby, boil!

Throw in some yummy ingredients…


Wait a bit…

Wait some more…

It’s time!




Oh yeah. Hot and steamy goodness!

Time to chow!


Like I said before, I had never eaten crawfish before.


How am I supposed to eat this little guy?

Allan and his wife showed me how to do it. Apparently, you pull the head off or something like that. I never did get the hang of it; Allan’s wife ended up cracking open a bunch for me. Thanks Anna!

The verdict? YUMMY! It tasted a lot like lobster to me. And it had a bit of a spicy kick. I liked it!

It was a great time with delicious food. I won’t give this a formal rating like I do for my other restaurant reviews, but if I had to rate it, it would definitely be 5 stars!

Until next time. Smile

  • that sounds awesome! I have only had crawfish a few times – all at Broadway Oyster Bar – but they are sooooo good.

    • Stephanie

      Yes, I fell in love with the crawfish! I’m a huge fan of Broadway Oyster Bar too 🙂