The Wine and Cheese Place


So it’s no secret that I worship at the house of Bacon. I mean, hello:



Yeah. Clearly I love bacon enough to make a fool out of myself and dress up as a strip of the yummy stuff!

So last month, I was in the throes of Vegan Month (that I will probably never do again – but more on that in another blog post!), and I was craving bacon. Hardcore. Desperate, I sent out this tweet:



I was mostly kidding. Mostly. But a friend quickly tweeted this response:


God, I love twitter. I headed to the Wine and Cheese Place in Clayton to see if they had it in stock.


They did. Sweet! It came in a huge pint sized bottle, which was interesting. It’s a German beer, and no matter how hard I try, I can’t pronounce the name!

I poured myself a glass…


Look at the huge head on that thing! It was thick and creamy. And the beer? Wow! I don’t know much about beer, but this stuff was smoooooth. And it lived up to its promises of being a smoky, bacon-like beer. It smelled like bacon! And it tasted super rich.

I approve. Go find this beer. Now.

Sorry for the short post, but I started a new job this week (!!!) and I have a half marathon on Sunday (!!!!!), so it’s pretty safe to say that this week has been quite crazy. Smile

What is your favorite type of beer? Do you love bacon as much as I do?

  • OMG. The things you learn on Twitter. Amazing. I’ve had a vague idea that there must be beer with bacon, but never really processed the reality of it. You’re my hero for actually going out to get it and try it!

    • Stephanie

      Yes, it was amazing, Sophia! 🙂