Missouri Nachos


Hello and happy Monday! Smile

What better way to start the week than with a delicious, local, and easy meal? I don’t blog about my at-home cooking adventures very much, but this was too exciting to skip.

I recently joined a CSA (community supported agriculture) group at Sappington Farmers Market. With a CSA, you pay a weekly fee, and you get a huge box of local goodies. It’s a great way to get fresh, in-season produce while supporting your local farmers! It’s a win-win.

I picked up my CSA box on Saturday, and it was like Christmas! Among other things, I received:


Spring Mix Lettuce from the Farhmeier Family Farm, Heartland Creamery Cheese, Tomatoes from the Nolte Hills Nursery,


Del Carmen Black Beans,


All natural 80% lean ground beef,


And the most colorful San Luis tortilla chips I’ve ever seen!

After seeing these ingredients, only one thing was on my mind: nachos!

Before I begin, I just want to say this: I’m not a ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ kind of girl when it comes to cooking. I almost always use a recipe when I cook; I just don’t have the confidence (yet) to cook otherwise.

So it was a big step today when I decided to just throw these things together because they sounded good! Baby steps, folks.

Anyway, I started by placing a layer of tortilla chips on a plate.


Easy enough, right? I can’t get over how pretty they are! Just gorgeous.

Next, I browned the ground beef in a skillet, with a tiny bit of olive oil.


While that was browning, I rinsed and dried my spring mix and chopped a tomato.


Mad chopping skills, yo. Winking smile

Once my beef was browned, I seasoned it with sea salt, cumin, cayenne pepper, and black pepper. Those things just sounded good, so I rolled with it.


Seasoned beef in a bowl:


Now it was time to layer away! I started with thin slices of my cheese:


You can never have too much cheese. Fact.

This was good cheese! So creamy and rich.


Looks like someone took a nibble while slicing! Who could have possibly done that? Embarrassed smile

I finished layering by topping it with the black beans and ground beef. I think I was drooling so much at this point that I forgot to snap a picture. Oops. Smile

I popped it into a 250 degree oven to warm the beans and melt the cheese. After that, I added more cheese (someone is not on a diet!) along with the rinsed and dried spring mix and tomatoes.





The sign of a good plate of nachos: you can’t see the tortilla chips underneath all of the toppings!

A closer look:



I spy a chip or two now. Smile

Anyway, I’d say this turned out pretty amazing for my first time winging it. Everything tasted so fresh and flavorful. And every single ingredient was local to Missouri! Pretty fantastic if you ask me.

I suppose my eyes were bigger than my tummy, because I could barely eat half of the nachos (or maybe this was more of a taco salad?) before I was absolutely stuffed. I wonder how this will taste as leftovers…

See you next time, and thanks (as always) for reading!

  • Did you come by on Saturday? I was there from about 9:15 – 12 p.m. and I didn’t see you!

    The nachos look good. del Carmen black beans are literally to die for. If you ever see their soup, get it. They have it at Local Harvest as well as the Maplewood Farmer’s Market (and I’m sure other farmer’s markets too).

    • Anonymous

      I did! I completely forgot about the Blogger Bake Sale until I was on my way home! Doh!

      Is there another bake sale in the near future?

  • Nancysmith

    What a wonderful use for all the good local food. Thanks so much for sharing. I am delighted that you like our CSA.

    • Anonymous

      thank you! It’s the first CSA I’ve ever joined, and I’m SO excited about it. Every week is like Christmas! 🙂

  • Excellent. Funny, I made virtually the same thing Saturday with most of the same ingredients (I used my Dad’s homegrown hamburger instead). I also used some salsa (Juan’s from KC) and yogurt from Stonyfield. So I don’t get the full mark since I had the New England Stonyfield. Thanks for passing this along.

    • Anonymous

      Great minds think alike! 🙂 I bet salsa took it to the next level! Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

  • Tejana17

    Oh my I just looked up the stl CSA and am def. going to have to talk to EBR and doing this sometime soon 🙂 Wish that the Soulard Market did something like this. Amazing idea

    • Anonymous

      ?You should! CSAs are pretty great 🙂

  • Jeffashley422

    Looks fabulous! I too will be looking into the CSA you mentioned.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a really great CSA for sure.