Hola! Como estas? Who else took Spanish in high school? I took Spanish classes from 8th grade all the way through my senior year of college, and I’m still pretty terrible when it comes to the language. I’m pretty good at reading, but ask me to say something in Español, and I flounder. One day I’ll buckle down and really learn the language.

Until then, I’ll settle with noshing on South American cuisine!

I recently visited Mango in downtown St. Louis. This hotspot is known for its Peruvian cuisine.

And one of my friends is a huge fan.


Hi Allison! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Smile

We hit up Mango on a quiet Monday night for some delicious eats. The place itself is huge and beautiful!


Allison recommended the Platanito Fritosliced, fried sweet plantain – as a starter. I love plantains! She didn’t need to twist my arm!



These babies were piping hot and delicioso! They were fork tender and super sweet. I fell in love.

For my entrée, I went with the Lomo Saltado.



This dish consisted of sirloin steak strips stir-fried with sweet onions, tomatoes, garlic, and peruvian peppers. It was served with white rice and garnished with steak fries.

I loved this dish. I was a bit wary about the fries as a garnish, but after soaking them in the delicious juices, they were amazing!

Allison ordered the Saltado de Champignones:



Button, shitake, and portabella mushrooms, sweet onions and tomatoes all sauteed in olive oil, white wine, peruvian spices, and garlic. I tried a bite, and it was so flavorful and tasty!

Service at Mango was great. I can’t wait to come back and try more things on the menu; it was so hard to choose, because everything sounded so great!

See you next week!

P.S. Today is 11-11-2011 – make a super duper wish! Smile

  • Renea

    I look forward to Mondays to read OEP! I love the way the rice is served here! I’m going to serve rice this way in the future for dinner parties! We’ve had two dinner parties over the last two weeks–Entrees were Salmon/Asparagus Casserole & Spaghetti Pie. The later was my fav…Hugs-R

  • i’ve been wanting to try this place!! great review