54th Street Grill and Bar


Hello fellow foodies! I hope that with all of the cooking, wine tasting, and giveaways you haven’t forgotten the true reason I started this blog – restaurant reviews! Because if there’s one thing I like more than eating, it’s eating food that other people have cooked for me! Lazy? Hmmm…maybe a little! 🙂

Moving right along…don’t ask about the title of this post. ‘Lunchtime Yummies’? I don’t know – it was the first thing that popped into my head when I was thinking about this place, so I’m rolling with it!

What is this place, you ask? 54th Street Grill & Bar, of course! This particular location was located in Florissant, Missouri.


You might notice two things about this place:


1. Why is it ‘54th street grill and bar’ and not ‘54th street bar and grill’? Doesn’t ‘bar and grill’ roll of the tongue easier? No? Just me? I’m the only weird one that thought that? Okay.

2. Yes, it is a chain. And we all know how Stephanie feels about chains. *shudder*. Just kidding. It’s not that serious to me. And even if it was, I don’t turn down a lunch date with my Mom!

We arrived at 11am on the nose, just as the place was opening. It looked really cool. I loved the ambiance. Very neat.

IMG_3053IMG_3054I was amused by the signs on the ceilings.

I had scoured the online menu days in advance, so I already knew what I wanted. I went with the veggie burger, accompanied by waffle fries and gringo dip!


What is gringo dip, you ask? Well, friends — it is the BEST cheese sauce that will ever cross your lips. Period. I think they laced mine with crack, because I couldn’t stop eating it. (Now I know how Whitney Houston must have felt –  gringo crack is not wack!) I dipped my hot, crispy waffle fries in it, and when I ran out of fries, I dipped my burger in it. My side of barbecue sauce (my favorite condiment!) felt extremely neglected, I’m sure. It was so good!

And my burger? That was wonderful, too! It was a spicy black bean, grain, and vegetable burger topped with pepper jack cheese and garlic aioli. Mmmm! SO. GOOD.    

My mom ordered the chicken wings.

IMG_3056Even without sauce, these babies looked GOOD. Did I try one? Yep! Did I dunk it in gringo dip? You betcha! They were hot, crispy, and juicy. A+!

Our waitress was super friendly, even though I caught her giving me the side eye for snapping pictures willy nilly! It’s okay…I know I’m a little crazy! I told her that I was on my lunch break, and she put in our orders right away, and the food came out super quick.

The price was just right for a place like this. 54th street also has two happy hours – one from 4:30pm – 6pm, and another from 9pm – close. During these times, you can buy any appetizer for $4.50! (psssst…get the gringo dip!)

Let’s bust out the score cards:

Food: 4 stars (out of five)

Ambiance: 3 stars

Service: 4 stars

Value: 4 stars

I would definitely come back again, especially since it’s so close to my job! Yeah…I know I’ll be back. So if you see a girl sneaking out of the back door with a gallon of gringo dip, don’t tell anyone, okay? 🙂

  • My boss says this gringo sauce is to die for.

    • Stephanie

      It is! It’s amazing. 🙂

  • Courtenay

    I’m so not a chain person. Living in the city makes me feel guilty to go to one when I could be supporting local business but you are the second person that has said this place is really good and these pictures look yum. The fact that their menu described that gringo dip as being made up of pepper jack cheese just means at some point, I will so be doing take out from there even if I have to make the dreaded county drive to it! :o) Good stuff, girl! Keep it up!

    • Stephanie

      I’m not a chain person, either. But you HAVE to try this place! It’ll knock your socks off 🙂