Lona’s Lil Eats


When I was a kid, I was really weird about food. I hated clam chowder, I wouldn’t come anywhere near yogurt (especially if it had bits of fruit mixed in it!) and – here’s the big one – I did not like for my foods to touch. You know those plates they make with the silly looking dividers?


Yeah. Those plates were made for kids like me. I would absolutely lose my mind if my foods ever touched!

So with that said, the restaurant I’m talking about today? Well…29 year old Stephanie loves it. But 12 year old Stephanie? She would have lost her mind.

It will all make sense in a minute, I promise.

Lona’s Lil Eats is a new Asian fusion restaurant in the Fox Park neighborhood of St. Louis.


credit: blogs.riverfronttimes.com

The place itself is pretty small – so small, in fact, that I felt super weird taking pictures of the interior…so I didn’t. Guess you’ll just have to visit yourself so you can see! 😉

Once I walked in, I was greeted by their very bright menu:


The way Lona’s works is pretty simple. You choose a protein (chicken, turkey, tofu, steak, or shrimp), a staple (stir fried white grain rice, stir fried glass noodles, jasmine rice, raw veggies, or cold glass noodles), and a sauce (lime ginger peanut, lemon grass pesto, smoke vinaigrette, lona-q, and spicy sesame)

If those aren’t enough choices, you also get to choose whether you want your meal on a giant rice paper wrap, flour wrap, or a plate. Decisions, decisions!

I was overwhelmed when I looked at this menu, and naturally, I wanted to eat #allofthefood. I mean, seriously. Just give it all to me? Please?

Lona’s Lil Eats was clearly created with people like me in mind, because they offer a sampler platter, where you get a  plate with all of the proteins, 2 of the staples, and all of the sauces. All. Of. Them. On. One. Plate. And you get to choose from a side:

– stir fried veggies

– spicy eggplant

– bamboo stew

– lime-ginger peanut salad

– spicy cucumber salad

– chopped vinaigrette

And you get a drink.

For…$15. That’s it?!?! That’s a friggin steal and I ordered the sampler platter because of course I did.



Now do you understand why 12 year old Stephanie would have freaked out? No plate dividers here, folks!

I mixed it all together like a big ol piggy and I dug in.

And oh…my…gosh. You guys.

You guys.

This was so good! Everything was super tasty and flavorful. And the best part? This mound of food was so big that even after completely stuffing myself with food, I still had plenty to take home as leftovers.

So yeah. I definitely recommend Lona’s. I think they still have a few kinks to work out – there was a huge mix-up with my food, which resulted in my meal coming out well over 20 minutes after my friend’s – but I think this little spot has a lot of potential. I can’t wait to go back!

See ya next week!


Lona’s Lil Eats

2199 California Ave

St. Louis, MO 63104


  • Mike H.

    I work downtown and this place is a must hit for anyone who works in the city for lunch. I’m a sampler man myself if your gonna do it #throwdown!