Local Harvest


Hello, friends! How have you been? I’ve been pretty busy with my new job, running half marathons, and training for my next race – just the usual!

Oh, and eating, of course. A girl’s gotta eat!

My latest adventure brought me to this lovely place:


Local Harvest! Okay, so I really visited in March, while in the middle of the Vegan Challenge. But let’s just pretend for a minute that I’m not a procrastinator lazy chick busy girl for a moment, shall we?

Local Harvest is a cute little shop in the Tower Grove neighborhood of St. Louis. Like the name suggests, they use all local ingredients in their dishes. A lot of their items are organic, as well! And they have a really good selection of vegan items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I rolled with their green plate special: sesame tofu with brown rice, shitake mushrooms, and spinach.


This was delicious! It was also extremely fresh and light. I loved everything about this dish; the firm, yet flavorful tofu, the light brown rice, the way the mushrooms just seemed to melt in my mouth.

I also ordered a side of vegan chili:


I didn’t even miss the meat! This had yummy chickpeas in it, along with other spices that gave it that authentic chili flavor. It was a little spicy, too! I loved it.

My friend went with Molly’s Veggie Burger:


It was a veggie and pinto bean burger served on fresh bread, with hummus, red onion, sprouts, and pickles. It came with a side of chips and balsamic potato salad. Completely vegan and not too bad! I wasn’t a fan of the sprouts on the burger, but it was good otherwise. And the balsamic potato salad was amazing! My friend really enjoyed everything.

Service at Local Harvest was pretty good. Our waitress was extremely knowledgeable about the menu, and offered suggestions.

One thing to note: the place is tiny (only about 6 or 7 tables total!), so try to come during off-peak hours so you can snag a seat without waiting! We came around 8pm on a Saturday night, and that seemed to be just right.

Unfortunately, Local Harvest didn’t have any vegan desserts (but plenty of non-vegan desserts!) for us to try. I have a feeling this was due to our late dinner, but it was still a bit disappointing.

Time for scores!

Food: 4 stars (out of five)

Ambiance: 3 stars (way too tiny for me!)

Service: 4 stars

Value: 3 stars (a little on the expensive side, but the quality is certainly there, so I understood why it was priced the way it was!)

I would definitely come back to Local Harvest. Now that I’m no longer vegan (thank goodness!) I can try everything on the menu. I can’t wait!

  • I LOVE Local Harvest! I’m a meat eater though… I love their Khazaeli Club sandwich. It’s perfect on weekend afternoons.

    • Stephanie

      yum! I’ll have to give that one a try!

  • Local Harvest is one of my very favorites in STL!! You definitely need to go back now that you’re off the vegan challenge!

  • We just moved to St. Louis and live walking distance to Local Harvest, it’s always packed! We really enjoyed the meal we had there but I agree the seating situation is kind of tough. I’m not sure if it’s like this all the time but when we were there, there wasn’t any waiting list so we felt we had to jump on the next table and when we were almost done eating we could feel another couple edging towards our table getting ready to pounce, lol. Funny but I think it would run a little more smoothly if they had some kind of waiting list.

  • Vegan food can be delish if done right. I once had a vegan salad that was amazing, but the vegan chili I got sucked, because I dunno…I think nothing can replace the smokiness of meat when it comes to chili!