Pearl Cafe


I went to Pearl Café a few weeks ago with a coworker. I had visited once before (sans camera) and I was thoroughly impressed. So I knew I had to come back. Plus, I wanted to introduce this place to as many people as possible! Yes, it’s that good.



It was lunchtime, so my coworker went with the Yellow Curry lunch special. I came with steamed rice, the soup of the day (I believe it was egg drop soup!), a fried spring roll, and a thai butterfly. He also ordered an order of spring rolls! It was so much food, I couldn’t fit it all into one shot!





Yeah. All that food for one person. He said it was all good!

I went with the spicy tofu: tofu, tomatoes, green beans, green onions, and cilantro with brown sauce.


It was served with steamed rice.

All together now!


This. Was. Delicious. The tofu was tender and flavorful, the green beans were crunchy and light, and the brown sauce was so good I wanted to bathe in it. Too bad I had to go back to work after this; I might have poured it all over me otherwise!

This dish was good to the very last drop. So good that I cleaned my plate and wished for more, even though I was stuffed! Now that’s the sign of a good meal.

Service at Pearl Café was really attentive. Almost too attentive; the moment we sat down, the waitress immediately came over and asked if we knew what we wanted to order! Woah, mama!

The prices were extremely reasonable. My food was only 8 bucks. Not bad for a huge plate of food!

Score time, score time…

Food: 5 stars (out of five)

Ambiance: 5 stars

Service: 5 stars

Value: 5 stars


Five stars across the board! Pearl Café is super close to my job, so I’ll definitely be back. However, I would drive long distances to come here; it was that good. Dare I say this is the best Thai in St. Louis? Yeah, I said it. I think I’m in love!

  • Courtenay

    Your pics look amazing! The veggie bits are not my favorites (I know that goes along with the vegan thing) but you’ve captured them really well. I’m sure their presentation helped some but I’m giving the real points to the photography. ;o)

    I hope you’re having a better day/week! Don’t let the negative energy get you down.

    • Stephanie

      Thanks Courtenay! Your compliments really mean a lot (and after this week, I REALLY needed to hear something like this!) I’m not doing the vegan thing quite yet (I’m starting on the first of March), but I might as well start preparing now, right? 🙂 Thanks again for visiting the blog! 🙂

  • I’ve never heard of Pearl Cafe–where exactly is it? Ryan and I LOVE thai so we’re always looking for a new place to try!

    • Stephanie

      Hey Natalie! I forgot to link to the website in my post! Sorry about that. They’re in Florissant, on 8416 N Lindbergh blvd, 63031.

  • Keri

    Wow! I didn’t know Florissant had any good places to eat and on Lindbergh! It’s really close to where I live and all I ever see is FAST FOOD! I am definitely going to check this place out. Thanks for the review!

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