Home Wine Kitchen


Good morning, friends! It’s Friday – who’s excited?! I am – this week has been a long one! This post will be short and sweet, I promise Smile

Anyway, I went to Home Wine Kitchen last month with these lovely ladies —


Say hello to Sarah, Leah, April, and Caryn! Angela (unpictured) was also with us that night!

I’ve been wanting to try Home Wine Kitchen ever since I heard about their opening in Maplewood. I’m so glad I have foodie friends to accompany me to amazing restaurants like this.



True to the name, the place was very cozy and home-like. I loved the muted theme and warm lighting.



Let’s hop right to it! I wasn’t super hungry, so instead of going for appetizers, I went straight for the main course!


I had the red trout, accompanied by roasted red potatoes and spinach. The fish itself was topped with pecans, sage, and brown butter.

Delicious! The trout was perfectly flaky and tender, and the potatoes were like heaven in my mouth. They were so tender, with just the perfect amount of salt and spice.

As you can see in the picture, the portion size was extremely generous! I could only eat half before I was completely stuffed.

The service at Home Wine Kitchen was fantastic and super attentive.

Good food and great conversation – what more could you really ask for?

I can’t wait to visit Home Wine Kitchen again – a little birdie told me that their Sunday brunch is to die for; among other things, they serve chicken and waffles! And you all know how much I love chicken and waffles, right?

See you next week!