Hiro Asian Kitchen


When it comes to my blog, I’m kind of all over the place when it comes to the order in which I post my reviews. Of course, my intention is to post about restaurants in the order that I visit them, but that rarely ever happens.

More often than not, I’ll visit a spot, take a load of pictures, and they either sit on my computer (or in a lot of cases, my memory card!) until I feel inspired to write about them.

Sometimes I go to an event that I feel so strongly about that I write about it the very next day. The Blue Moon dinner I went to a few weeks ago is a prime example of this. Other times, I’ll visit a place, and weeks (and sometimes longer than that!) will pass before I write about them. Last week’s review of Monty’s Sandwich Shop is a great example of that.

When it comes right down to it, I go out to eat a lot, which is definitely not a bad problem to have, but because of all of the material I have queued up and ready to go, I sometimes struggle on what to write about next.

Well…there were no struggles this time around, friends! As I mentioned last week, I’ve recently started writing a few pieces here and there for Feast Magazine. My most recent article is about 3 Delicious Soups to Keep You Warm in St. Louis This Winter – check it out!

As I was doing research – tasty, tasty research – for this article, one of the places I stumbled upon absolutely knocked my socks off. It was incredible. It completely rocked my world.

And just like that, I knew…I just knew what my next blog post was going to be about. There was just no way I was going to let more than a week pass without talking about this spot.

With that said…


Welcome to Hiro Asian Kitchen, friends.

Hiro is located in downtown St. Louis, on Washington Avenue. I lucked out and found a great parking spot that was just a few feet from the entrance. If you’re from STL, you know how rare that can be on Wash Ave.

With that sort of luck, I just knew this was going to be a good visit. Walking into Hiro only confirmed that suspicion.





IMG_5194 IMG_5196

I mean, can you just look at this place? I’m at a loss for words, y’all. Be. Au. Ti. Ful.

I snuggled into a huge booth, and the friendly waiter quickly came out with a menu. As I quickly skimmed the menu, something caught my eye:



Ahem. Yeah. I really like Ramen, you guys. And in my 29 years on this earth, the only good ramen I’ve had has been in California. I feel like I’ve been searching for years to find a restaurant in St. Louis that actually serves the stuff, so you can only imagine my joy when I saw this on the menu.

I may have squealed. Like…really squealed. Loudly. I never claimed to be normal, y’all!

Anyway, I decided to keep it relatively simple by going with the Hiro Ramen – fresh wheat noodles, braised pork belly, and five-spice ground pork.

My food came out pretty quickly, which made me happy.


You know what made me even happier? Diving face first into this bowl of yummy-ness. Is that even a word?! Can you believe that this girl also writes for Feast?!? I can’t even.

Let’s take a closer look.


This ain’t the 2 dollar ramen you ate in college, guys! 😉

In all seriousness, though, this was incredible. The soup was piping hot and perfect for a cold December day. And the flavor! Oh, the flavor…it was awesome. The pork belly was tender and delicious, the five-spice ground pork was tasty and had a perfect spicy kick, the veggies were fresh and delicious, and the broth? Oh man…the broth was so wonderful.

I have this weird quirk where I imagine swimming in gallons of delicious things – you’ve seen this once in my Sauce on the Side review and again in my review of Final Cut Steakhouse. I just really like the idea of swimming in food, okay?! #dontjudgeme

Um…add this broth to the list of things I’d like to swim in. Please and thank you!

All in all, I was very happy with my experience here. The atmosphere was beautiful, the service was great, and the food was incredible. I’m already planning my next trip to this place.

See you next time!


Hiro Asian Kitchen

1405 Washington Avenue

St. Louis, MO 63013


  • Do you have a fancy camera to take your food pictures? Especially now that you’re writing for Feast?

    • OffTheEatenPathSTL

      It’s not fancy! I definitely need to upgrade soon. In the meanwhile, I’ve been practicing my photography skills like crazy!

      • Do you use a real camera then? Not just a cell phone? 🙂

        • OffTheEatenPathSTL

          yep, definitely a real camera! 🙂