Hi-Pointe Drive In


Hi friends, and happy Friday! I hope you all have had a wonderful week; I know I certainly have! Nothing too special happened – I’ve just been ridiculously busy (as always!)

But not too busy to post about a new(ish) restaurant that my fiancé and I recently hit up – Hi-Pointe Drive In! The owners of Sugarfire BBQ decided to open up a burger joint, and the entire city of St. Louis rejoiced!

Side note: will it ever stop feeling weird to refer to my future-husband as my fiancé, or will that word forever sound weird to me? I’m guessing it’s the latter…

Anyway, let’s talk about food, shall we? It’s the one thing I will never feel weird talking about. 😉

Anyway, Hi-Pointe Drive In. It’s in the Hi-Pointe area – and for those not well-versed in all of St. Louis’s many neighborhoods, look at it this way: it’s close to Forest Park. 🙂


It’s housed in a cute little building right next to the Hi-Pointe theatre.

My fiancé and I visited on an unseasonably warm January day. There was plenty of outdoor seating!


Unfortunately, there just wasn’t any room for us to sit outside. Turns out we weren’t the only people itching to try this place. Womp womp. We headed inside and were greeted with a really long line!


We weren’t bothered by it at all. I knew that if this place was anything like Sugarfire, the line would move very quickly.

While we waited, we perused the menu:


And I took an obscene amount of photos — as always!

020917_6 020917_4


After a few minutes, we arrived to the front of the line. I took one last look at their menu to solidify my choice:


And then I went with my order: A burger with provolone cheese and bacon, an order of fries, and a Schlafly White Ale. My fiancé went with the grilled chicken sandwich and fries.

We had a seat inside, and before we knew it, our food was ready!


My burger was good! Here’s a closer look:


It was everything I’d expect in a burger: juicy, flavorful, tasty. Was it the best burger I’ve had in my life? Not really. But it was pretty darn good! And my fries were hot, crispy, and delicious. My Schafly beer went well with everything. I was one happy girl!

Dan was a big fan of his food as well. His grilled chicken sandwich came topped with lettuce, house pickles, and garlic mayo, and he had nothing but good things to say about it!



Overall, Hi-Pointe was a solid lunch spot. I’m not shouting from the rooftops about their food – I’ve had burgers that are just as good elsewhere — but judging by the amount of people there, they have no shortage of die-hard fans to make up for my meh feeling about this place.

I’m sure I’ll be back, I just won’t be beating down any doors to get there.

Anyway, if you’ve been, I’m anxious to hear your feedback. What did you think about Hi-Pointe? Leave me a comment here, or hit me up on Facebook or Twitter!

And before I say goodbye, I just wanted to give a quick spoiler on what my next review will be about: Science on Tap! This event is happening tomorrow at the Science Center, and I. Am. So. Pumped!

sot1 sot2

They will talk about the chemistry and science of beer, as well as the brewing and bottling process. The event will also feature more than 70 beers to taste, food from Clementines, Nothing Bundt Cakes, MO Beef, Naked Bacon, and more. I never thought I would be able to combine my three loves of Chemistry, beer, and food under one roof, but once again, the Science Center has pulled it off! Expect a full report of my findings after the event. 😉

Have a great weekend – I know I will!

  • Debbie

    Great review! I have to agree with you on their burgers. They didn’t blow me away, but they were good.

  • Stephen Wesche

    I am a pretty big fan. Just went again tonight actually. The mac n cheese is legit. I have found that if you get the kids mac n cheese with hot dogs you are able to get hot dogs, man n cheese, fries, and a soda for $5! I get that as my side and drink and then get food #FoodHack

    I think my favorite thing here is the bologna sammich. Oh and lots of their special sauce for both the sandwich and the fries.