Good morning! Remember when I visited Herbie’s for Week 9 of the Bread Pudding Challenge? Let me refresh your memory:


If you remember my review, you’ll recall that I wasn’t a huge fan of this bread pudding.

Thankfully, I had a few other things at Herbie’s that made up for the subpar BP. A friend joined me that night for a delicious dinner!

Herbie’s is a cute bistro in the Central West End neighborhood in St. Louis. I loved the French theme of this restaurant. I’ve never been to France, but I almost felt like I was there!




Ooooh la la!

Enough of the scenery. Let’s get down to business! I took a quick look at the drink menu to see if anything popped out.



The Sage N’ Stormy immediately caught my eye; dark rum, apple spice ginger liquor, simple syrup, lime, and sage? Sign me up!


This was deliciously refreshing, and not too strong at all. I loved the apple spice ginger liquor; anything with ginger in it is guaranteed to be a winner with me!

On to the food. The menu was full of interesting dishes (The Jerk Chicken sounded delicious!), but in the end, I settled with Lobster Mac & Cheese.



This was chock full of lobster tail meat, corn, four cheese mornay, truffle oil, and asiago gratin. It was super rich; I could only eat a few bites! But each bite was absolutely amazing; it was so flavorful!

My friend went with the Peppercorn & Coriander Encrusted Yellowfin Tuna:



This was served with an edamame and shiitake mushroom risotto, tempura bok choy, and a wasabi soy sauce. I tried a bite and it was fantastic!

Finally, it was time for dessert. Of course, I ordered the bread pudding, and you already know how I feel about that, so I won’t revisit it. Winking smile

But our lovely waiter brought out something else for us to try!


Any guesses? Winking smile


What about now?

It was a Chocolate Fritter! Dark chocolate dipped in Bailey’s Irish Crème batter. This was amazing; the rich chocolate paired perfectly with the crisp outer shell of the fritter.

Overall, I’d recommend Herbie’s. The price was a little steep (so this would be a special occasion type place), but the food was fantastic. Two thumbs up!