Gamlin Whiskey House


I’ve probably stated this on my blog about a million times, but I’ll say it again: I love brunch. Why? Well, it’s simple; I love breakfast food, and I love sleeping in. Combine both and I’m a happy girl!

Oh, and it’s acceptable to drink alcohol at brunch! Yep. Win win win.

So it’s safe to say that I was very excited to visit Gamlin Whiskey House for a brunchy adventure. (Is ‘brunchy’ a word? Because it definitely should be!) I went with a group of friends on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

The tables outside were pretty packed, so we opted to sit inside. The interior of Gamlin is nice!




Once we were seated, I took a look at the menu. My eyes immediately gravitated toward the drinks. Of course!


Gamlin actually has a much bigger drink selection than what is pictured, but there was no need for me to peek at that this time; I knew exactly what I wanted: Irish Bubbles!


This lovely drink contained Irishman Founder’s Reserve whiskey, Big O Ginger Liqueur (my  absolute favorite liqueur in the whole wide world), champagne, and a lemon twist! It was lovely and refreshing with a pleasant kick. Anything with whiskey and ginger in it is always going to be a winner in my book!

Gamlin Whiskey House has a nice brunch menu, with both sweet and savory items to choose from. Everything sounded good, but the Apple Cinnamon French Toast was calling my name, so I rolled with that:


Cinnamon sourdough toast, apple jam, and vanilla bean whipped cream was featured in this creation. Yum! I gobbled it down in no time. The portion may look a little small, but it was actually the perfect size for me. No crumbs left behind on this one!

My friends leaned more toward the savory side with their selections.

There was the Canadian Bacon Eggs Benedict with two poached eggs, canadian bacon and hollandaise on an english muffin:


Chicken and Waffles with fried chicken, a huge sweet potato waffle, honey pecans, and maple butter:


The Fried Chicken Biscuit with fried chicken and pimento cheese on a buttermilk biscuit:


A smorgasbord of sides: sausage, eggs, and hash browns:


And an Oreo Pancake!


Sooooo random. 🙂

Everyone (including myself!) loved their meals. Service was friendly and fast, and our waitress handled our big order like a boss! *insert cool sunglasses emoji here* 🙂

All in all, Gamlin was pretty fantastic. I’ve been back a few times since this visit, and it’s blown me out of the water every time. I think I can confidently add this one to my favorites! If you haven’t been, what in the world are you waiting for?!?!

Gamlin Whiskey House

236 N. Euclid Avenue

St. Louis, MO 63108

  • Jennifer F

    Adding this to our list of places to visit soon. I have never seen Oreo pancakes and am wondering where they’ve been my entire life:)