Focus on Ferguson: Cose Dolci


I love bakeries. I love everything about them. Maybe it’s the cozy atmosphere and cute décor. Or maybe it’s the treats – cookies, cakes, and pastries? Mmmm! Yeah…now that I think about it, it’s definitely the treats.

So you can understand how excited I was to run across this little gem in Ferguson:


Cose Dolci Bakery!

I walked in and immediately fell in love.




Cozy atmosphere? Cute décor? Check!






Everything looked and smelled so good! It made my decision difficult. I mean…how can you look at all of these tasty treats and narrow it down to one thing?

I couldn’t.

So I went with two.

The first thing that called out to me was this cinnamon scone:


You guys. You guys!!! I’m normally not a fan of scones, to be honest. Just about every scone I’ve ever had has been dry, bland, and almost powdery tasting. Not this one! This cinnamon scone was warm, buttery, and super flavorful.

For my next choice, I decided to stick with the cinnamon theme:


Isn’t this cinnamon roll just adorable? Did I just describe a food item as adorable? Am I losing my mind? Yes, yes, and yes.

I blame all of the sugar. Smile

I’m sure you can already guess how I felt about this cinnamon roll, but I’ll say it anyway: it was delicious! It was soft, warm, and had just the right amount of icing, which is crucial. I hate cinnamon rolls with too much sugary icing!

After my scone and cinnamon roll, I was itching to try something else in the bakery – the biscotti looked incredible, and so did the cupcakes. However, I used the little willpower that I had to resist.

The service here was fantastic, the prices were super reasonable, and the treats were delicious. I’m glad I stumbled upon this bakery, and something tells me I’ll be back very soon! Winking smile

As much as I would love to continue to blog about all of the awesome businesses in Ferguson (and trust me, there are plenty more – I barely scratched the surface!), I have an entire city full of incredible eateries that I would like to blog about! So this post wraps up my Focus on Ferguson series. I will definitely visit (and blog about!) more Ferguson restaurants in the future, so don’t think that this is the last you’ll see about this amazing little suburb. I was thinking about doing more “Focus On” series in the future; maybe a Focus on Maplewood? Focus on Tower Grove? Perhaps I can even step out of my city bubble and highlight some cool places in West County and St. Charles. Who knows? Smile

I’ll see you next week!

  • Chris LaPorta

    Thank you! This is my sister’s bakery and she has worked AMAZINGLY hard to build this treasure from just a booth at the Ferguson Farmer’s Market 12 years ago, into this charming little destination in the downtown district.