Flying Cow


There are certain things that I consider absolute truths.

Sugarfire Smokehouse makes the best BBQ in St. Louis.


An Undercover Weekend is the best concert series in this city.


I am the biggest goober you will ever meet.


And finally…

Flying Cow is the best froyo place in town.


And you have to admit, Flying Cow conjures up a pretty rad image, thus making it an incredible name for a froyo place.

I don’t make the rules, people. It is what it is.

Anyway, when I first moved back to St. Louis, before I moved back into my house, I lived downtown for a short while. Aside from the fact that living in downtown St. Louis was one of the coolest things ever – I still fantasize about selling my house in the ‘burbs and buying a sweet loft in the city – this incredible froyo place was attached to my apartment building.


Words can’t even describe how awesome it was, y’all.

I decided since I was visiting this place multiple times a week (my addiction is serious!), the least I could do was blog about it. It made me feel like there was a purpose behind all my visits, which helped me from feeling like such a….well, such a cow. Winking smile

For the few people reading this that haven’t been to a self-serve frozen yogurt joint, I’ll explain the premise to you. It’s super simple. Ready?


Easy peasy!

I grabbed a cup and thought about which flavor of the ‘yo I would try this time.


Sidenote: Did I seriously just shorten ‘froyo’ (which is already a shorter version of ‘frozen yogurt’) to ‘yo?

Yes. Yes I did.

Anyway, I decided to go with the cake batter flavor this time.


The fact that it was low fat had nothing to do with my decision. Life is too short to count calories!

After filling my cup with cake batter froyo, it was time for toppings! Flying Cow has a huge variety of things to choose from.


Candy, fruit, chocolate, and everything in between!




They even have a variety of sugary things to drizzle your froyo with: chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, and…marshmallow syrup?


Don’t ask.

I loaded my creation with the usual: M&Ms, cheesecake bites, chocolate shavings, graham cracker crumbs, and sprinkles.  I plopped it on the scale (Flying Cow charges 46 cents per ounce), and I was good to go!


Yes, there is froyo underneath all of those toppings. Promise! Winking smile

Overall, Flying Cow is a home run. The service is friendly, the space is bright, open, and clean, and the froyo (the most important part!) is delicious. I’m kind of in love.

See you in a few days!