Eleven Eleven Mississippi


Remember when I visited Eleven Eleven Mississippi for Week 7 of the Bread Pudding Challenge? I’ll refresh your memory:IMG_11832

Dear white chocolate and pecan bread pudding, will you marry me? Thanks.

Anyway, while I was at Eleven Eleven for the bread pudding challenge, I realized that I was at one of my favorite restaurants in St. Louis, and I had yet to write a proper review of their food for my blog!

This had to change. And soon.

I’m pretty sure my friends are mind readers, because when it came time to choose the next restaurant for girl’s night, guess what restaurant was chosen?


I love my friends.



Hi Dae and Chung! Smile

It was a nice evening, so we opted to sit outside for dinner. Look at this gorgeous space!



Okay, let’s talk about food. I started with a lovely shrimp & corn bisque.


Oh man. This was good. I devoured every last drop. It was creamy, rich, and the kernels of corn that were spread throughout the soup were so crunchy and fresh. I loved this soup.

For my entrée, I went with one of the specials of the night: salmon with roasted potatoes.



There was also sauteed spinach (or was it chard?), and a lovely tomato-esque sauce. It was so good. The salmon was perfectly cooked, and was flavorful and incredibly juicy. Every component of this dish was amazing, and the portion size was huge! I ended up taking half of it home; it made a lovely breakfast the next morning Smile

Service at Eleven Eleven was attentive and friendly. I have absolutely no complaints.

I was way too stuffed for dessert (and the only one I would have considered was the bread pudding, which I’ve already tried!), so I skipped it. I know – who AM I? Winking smile

Anyway, Eleven Eleven gets two huge thumbs up from me. I can’t wait to visit again!

See you next week!

  • Dan Probst

    It has been good for a long time now, love it! And now they have Carl Hazel in the kitchen. We can be confident that things should only get better!!

    • OffTheEatenPathSTL

      Awesome! Thanks for the info, Dan!

  • Show Me The sugar

    No dessert?!? Shocking! Lol. That is a great restaurant.

    • OffTheEatenPathSTL

      I know! I can’t believe I skipped dessert! 🙂