Dewey’s Pizza School


So it’s a pretty well-known fact that I love pizza.

And when it comes to pizza, Dewey’s has some of my favorite. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you’ll remember that I blogged about Dewey’s before!

So when I was recently invited to Dewey’s to make my own pizza at their appropriately named “Pizza School,” I was more than excited to participate.


And I invited my sister along!


She had never been to Dewey’s before; what better way to get her acquainted with their awesome pizza?

While we waited for our class to start, we sat at the bar and sipped on some beer. Dewey’s has a lot of beers on tap (and they switch them out quite frequently!). I settled with a Rogue Dead Guy Ale.



Interesting name, right? It was pretty tasty.

Soon after we finished our beers, it was time for our class to start. We went back into the kitchen, where one of the cooks explained Dewey’s pizza making process.



Dewey’s uses a very high temperature pizza oven; it’s over 500 degrees! Because of this, their baking process is super quick – it only takes about 7 to 8 minutes to cook a pizza. This quick process ensures that the crust is chewy and delicious; not dried out and tough. Yum.

I took a look at some of the pizzas made by the class before us.



It was time for us to get started. First step? Tossing the dough! We received very detailed instructions on how to do so. It was fun to watch!




He made it look so easy.

Our turn! I snapped away as my sister went to work.



After our dough was sufficiently tossed (it’s a lot harder than it looks!), it was time to top our pizzas with whatever we desired. There were lots of toppings to choose from!



I spy bacon!


Dewey’s had a few “cheat sheets” for us to use as a reference if we desired:


But I wanted to wing it!

I started with a light amount of sauce:


And added a ton of mozzarella cheese.


Then I added green peppers, black olives, and bacon. Lots and lots of bacon!



My sister went pretty heavy on the bacon, as well. Yep – we’re definitely related! Winking smile


Our pizzas were popped into the oven, and we had a seat in the dining room and waited. Before we knew it, our pizzas were ready!


Oh boy!


This tasted just as good as it looked. The dough was perfectly chewy, and all of the toppings worked together perfectly. I couldn’t get enough of this pizza. I’m so glad I had tons to take home as leftovers! My sister was a big fan as well. Smile

Thanks to Dewey’s for letting me and my sister stop by for pizza school! We had a blast.

See you next week with another fun review!

  • Erin

    How would I go about participating in said pizza school? My boyfriend and I love Dewey’s and he has a birthday coming up in November. This would be a great present! Any information would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    • OffTheEatenPathSTL

      Hi Erin! The next Pizza School at Dewey’s is Sunday, November 11th at the UCITY location! Call 314-726-3434 to buy tix 🙂

      • Erin

        Thanks so much!!

        • OffTheEatenPathSTL

          No problem! Let me know what you think!