Cyrano’s Cafe


I went to a cute little place called Cyrano’s today.

It’s a cafe and wine bar, but it’s most well-known for their extravagant desserts. Think gigantic ice cream sundaes, pies, and bread pudding.

One thing you’ll get to know about me as you read more and more of my blog is that I absolutely adore bread pudding. It’s one of my favorite desserts…next to tiramisu and peach cobbler. I just love it.

So I ordered their caramel brioche bread pudding. At $7.50, it was sort of expensive, but I’m willing to fork out some money for good food!

The bread pudding was very good. The brioche was very light and fluffy, and the caramel sauce was sweet, but not so sweet that it was overpowering. And the whipped cream was airy, light, and creamy. It was perfection.

yummy whipped cream!

Although dessert was fantastic, service at Cyrano’s left a lot to be desired. When I walked in, it took a while before I was greeted and seated. And then it took a while for the waiter to acknowledge us and take our order. It was just surprising, considering how empty the place was. But I guess the fabulous food made up for it.

In summary:

Food: 5 stars (out of 5)

Ambiance: 4 stars

Service: 2 stars

Value: 2 stars

I’ll definitely be back to try some other desserts.

Oh, and lovely readers, do you think you could answer this poll (and elaborate in the comments, if necessary)? I don’t know how often to update this blog. Right now I’m trying to do it every three days, but would every other day be better? Let me know.

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  • Mez

    I swear, you’re hitting up ALL of my high school top spots! We used to frequent Cyrano’s on summer evenings for many a dessert craving 🙂 (I’ve only ever had dessert there!)

    And you are not alone in finding their service less than desirable. One time we had a group of about 7 or 8 of us, and while our bus boy was fantastic, our waiter spent the majority of his time flirting with a group of giggly girls in a dark corner of the restaurant, speaking to us only when we placed our order. We ended up giving the waiter next to nothing for a tip (it really was that bad) and the bus boy 20%.

  • Thank you for your comments on Cyrano’s. I will use your info to improve what we do. We cannot afford bad days in our business.
    On your comment about value can you give me more details about that low rating. Our food (or ingredient) costs on this item are very high therefore creating the wonderful taste. Should we make it smaller or just charge less for what we offer?
    Thanks again for your comments.
    Charlie Downs

    • Thanks for visiting my little blog! 🙂

      I’m willing to pay more money if the quality is there, and for Cyrano’s, it definitely is. It’s a little on the expensive side, but I’m willing to accept that since the food is so good.

      The service wasn’t top notch the night I visited, but honestly? That won’t keep me from coming back. Once again, the good food wins. Thanks so much for taking my comments on the blog into consideration! This really made my day 🙂

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