Chicken Wing Challenge, Week 9: O! Wing Plus



Good morning and welcome to week 9 of the Chicken Wing Challenge! We’re entering the home stretch, people! Choosing the top three is going to be hard. Choosing the winner is going to be even harder! But that’s where you come in. Winking smile

Anyway, this past week has been amazing. A few days ago, I attended the Saucy Soiree at the Four Seasons. Thanks to Chevrolet for the tickets! I ran into the winners of the pair of tickets I gave away on the blog, and they also had a great time. You really can’t go wrong with free food and drinks, can you? Smile

Sunday also marked my final day with the 2013 Chevy Malibu Eco. The week just flew by! When I returned home from the Saucy Soiree, I took a few final pictures with the Malibu.


I wasn’t ready to say goodbye, clearly. Winking smile

In all seriousness, it was a fun week, and I had a lot of fun cruising around St. Louis in this sweet ride. Thanks again, Chevy!



Moving right along…

For this week’s challenge, I headed to O! Wing Plus in Overland, a suburb of St. Louis. I visited O!WP a few years ago and fell in love with their chicken. When the chicken wing challenge came up, I knew I had to include this little-known chicken spot.



Much like St. Louis Wing Co, O!WP had a wide variety of flavors to choose from. I stuck to the rules I set for myself, however, and went with the two most popular flavors: Garlic Parmesan and O’s Original.


Let’s start with the Garlic Parmesan.



These babies certainly looked tasty enough. I liked the fact that shaved parmesan was used. The wings were piping hot. The meat was juicy and tender.

However, I wasn’t a huge fan of the garlic parmesan flavor. There was something off about the taste of it; I can’t quite put my finger on it. The sauce tasted almost sour? I didn’t like that the parmesan flavor overpowered the wings; I couldn’t taste a single hint of garlic.

Next up? O’s Original. These wings were coated with caramelized brown sugar and sprinkled with red pepper flakes.



I loved these wings. Like the garlic parmesan wings, these were piping hot, and the chicken was moist and full of flavor.

And the sauce?


This sauce was pretty fantastic! It was sweet, a little sticky, and had the tiniest hint of spice. It was perfect. I couldn’t get enough of these!

Overall, I was a fan of these wings.

Who’s ready to see an updated rundown of the standings? Of course, a lot could change between now and next week; I still have one more place to try!

1. Southtown Pub

2. Trainwreck

3. The Post

4. O! Wing Plus

5. Poor Richard’s

6. Seamus McDaniel’s

7. STL Wing Co.

8. Culpepper’s

9. Syberg’s

See you next week for week 10 of the challenge!

  • Debbie

    The original chickens wings look yummy!

    • OffTheEatenPathSTL

      They were fantastic! You would really like them 🙂

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  • rc

    shaved duck wings didnt make the list