Chicken Wing Challenge, Week 6: Southtown Pub


Gooooooood morning! I love Wednesdays. We’re halfway through the work week and I get to talk about chicken! Could things be any more perfect? I don’t think so.

After last week’s disappointing visit to Culpepper’s, I was hopeful that my next chicken wing adventure would be a better one.

It looks like my wish came true. Smile

This week I headed to Southtown Pub with a friend to gobble down some wings. The place itself had everything you’d expect from a pub: loud chatter, a lively atmosphere, and lots and lots of beer.

But I wasn’t here for beer. I was here for this:


Jumbo dry rubbed & smoked wings? Yes, please! Winking smile

I liked that you could order as few (or as many) as you desired. Since the menu advertised them as “Jumbo”, I only ordered five. I figured we could order more if they were tasty enough (and if we were still hungry!).

The wings took a while to come out, but they were definitely worth the wait.



Oh baby.

Even though they looked amazing (seriously – look at those things!), I was a little disappointed that they weren’t jumbo at all; they were just as tiny as the chicken wings I’ve had at every other place. Not cool, Southtown Pub. If you’re going to call your wings jumbo, you better deliver!

After I recovered from my disappointment, I dug in.



Everything about these wings screamed perfection. They were piping hot. The skin was crispy and so flavorful, thanks to the dry rub. And the meat itself had a delicious smoky flavor that I fell in love with.

Have I found my new favorite wings? I think so! Move outta the way, Trainwreck!

Here are the new standings (which are subject to change, as always):

1. Southtown Pub

2. Trainwreck

3. Poor Richard’s

4. The Post

5. STL Wing Co.

6. Culpepper’s

It’s going to be hard to beat the wings at Southtown Pub, but I still have four more places to try! A lot could happen in four weeks. Smile

See you next week!