Chicken Wing Challenge, Week 4: The Post


Good morning, and welcome to Week 4 of the Chicken Wing Challenge! These weeks are just flying by, aren’t they? We’re almost halfway through the challenge, and I feel like I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of all of the chicken wings that STL has to offer. Chicken overload! Smile

I suppose chicken overload isn’t a bad thing…is it? Hmm. Something to ponder…

Enough chatter. Let’s get to it.

For week 4 of the challenge, I headed to The Post Sports Bar & Grill.



This fun sports bar is located in Maplewood, which happens to be one of my favorite areas in St. Louis. Winking smile

Even though I’m not a huge sports fan, it’s still fun to come here and soak in the lively atmosphere.

The dozens of televisions on the wall certainly helps. Smile

On to the chicken. The Post is known for their amazing chicken wings, so I was excited to give them a try. They offer a nice variety of flavors: spicy garlic, mild, hot, BBQ, and honey BBQ. You can also order the wings baked for an extra 50 cents.

Per the challenge rules, I asked the friendly waitress about the most popular flavor of chicken wings. Her response didn’t miss a beat:

“Spicy Garlic wings, baked!”

Done and done.



I ordered 10 wings ($8.99), but you can also order 20 or 30.

Don’t they look amazing?



They were piping hot, so I waited a minute or two for them to cool down a bit before I dug in.

The verdict? These wings were fantastic! They were flavorful, juicy, spicy, and sooooo meaty! Winking smile

I couldn’t get enough of these babies. Ordering them baked was a really good choice; while the garlic flavor was definitely there, I feel like they weren’t as messy as traditional (un-baked) wings. I would definitely order these again!

So there you have it. Week 4 is in the bag! I’m not quite ready to share my rankings yet (although I definitely do have favorites already!). Maybe next week. Smile

See you then!