Chicken Wing Challenge, Week 1: Poor Richard’s


I’m squealing, you all. Squealing. Ever since I wrapped up the Bread Pudding Challenge, I’ve been racking my brain, thinking about what challenge I would do next. Because after the excitement of picking the best bread pudding in St. Louis, I knew there had to be another challenge.

Thankfully, a lot of you threw out some great ideas on Facebook and Twitter, and the Chicken Wing Challenge was born. Who’s excited?! I’M SO EXCITED!

Okay, Stephanie. Deep breaths. Breathe.


This is going to be very similar to the Bread Pudding Challenge. Over the span of 10 weeks, I’m going to try chicken wings at 10 different local restaurants. I will judge the wings based on the following criteria:

Taste of the chicken: That’s exactly what it sounds like. What is the flavor of the chicken like? Is it juicy and tender or dry and rubbery?

Taste of the breading/sauce: If the wings are breaded, what does the breading taste like? What is the ratio of breading to chicken? If the wings are sauced, how does the sauce taste? Does it overpower the taste of the chicken? Is there too much? Too little?

Other: Price-wise, am I getting my money’s worth? Are the wings served piping hot, or are they lukewarm? Are the wings meaty enough? Does the restaurant offer a nice variety of flavors?

Sound good? Smile

One thing I thought about while putting together this challenge was whether I was going to order the same flavor of wings at each place (i.e., buffalo style). The scientist in me wanted to order the same flavor at all 10 restaurants; after all, how can one accurately pick the best chicken wings if a different flavor is ordered at each establishment?

But the blogger in me quickly nixed that idea. As far as flavor choice goes, I’m going to go with whatever is most popular at that particular place. I want to sample the best of what each restaurant has to offer. After all, this is the Best Chicken Wing Challenge, not the Best BBQ Chicken Wing Challenge or Best Hot Chicken Wing Challenge.

Phew. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get started!

As I was getting some suggestions on local chicken wing spots, Poor Richard’s is a name that came up again and again. This cute little spot is located in Fenton, a suburb of St. Louis.



This local bar and grill wasn’t super fancy on the inside, but I like it that way. I immediately felt comfortable upon walking in.



One of the best parts about doing a challenge? I don’t have to decide what to order! The decision is already made. As someone who agonizes over what to order (everything sounds so good!) it was nice to know what I was getting before I even walked through the door.



12 regular wings, please!



Poor Richard’s uses a medium sauce on all of their wings, so there was no decision to be made, flavor-wise. When the wings arrived, I leaned over and took a huge whiff. Amazing.

I grabbed a wing and took a huge bite. Wow. These are super flavorful! The sauce wasn’t too overpowering or spicy, which allowed the flavor of the chicken to come through. The breading was crispy and delicious, and the wings themselves were pretty meaty. The more chicken, the better!

Temperature-wise, these were hot, but not piping-hot. That made it easier for me to dig right in without burning my mouth. Winking smile

At $8.29 for 12 wings, I think this was a pretty good value. Obviously, the more you order, the better deal you get; $32.99 for 50 wings is pretty awesome! However, 12 was just fine for little old me. Smile

Since this is only Week 1 of the challenge, I don’t have any other places to compare Poor Richard’s to, so it gets top ranking for now (by default). I loved these wings, and I would definitely return to gobble down some more.

I think it’s safe to say that Week 1 was a success! I’ll see you next week with the next contender in the challenge. This is going to be fun!