Chef’s Plate


There are many things I love about being a food blogger – I love all of the awesome people I’ve met through blogging. I love having an outlet for my photography and writing. I love having an excuse to try all kinds of new restaurants.

But one of the things I really love about being a food blogger?

The events!

I’ve been lucky enough to have been invited to several really neat events: The St. Louis Wine Festival, the Blue Moon Brewmaster’s Dinner, and Iron Fork are just a few.

And earlier this week, I was invited to another really neat event:

Chef’s Plate!


Chef’s Plate is a traveling culinary competition in which two local chefs compete for a spot in the World Food Championships. The competition travels to select cities, and St. Louis was stop number two for the contest!

The event was held at Central Table in the Central West End. The place is astonishingly beautiful inside:


And it was packed with lots of other hungry foodies:




There were a couple booths set up to sample various liquors: Angel’s Envy (a delicious bourbon) and The Big O (my favorite ginger liqueur) were both in attendance.

There were a few specialty cocktails being offered as well. I went with The Big Ohh Fashioned, which was a fun take on an Old Fashioned. It contained Big O Ginger Liqueur, Angel’s Envy Bourbon, Angostura bitters, and orange peel.


It was delicious, and if I didn’t have to drive myself home later that evening, I would have had another! I definitely need to make this one at home!

After a lot of sipping and mingling, it was time for the competition to begin. Chef Katie Collier (Katie’s Pizza and Pasta!) and Chef Wil Pelly (Sanctuaria) went up head to head.

Chef Wil’s plate came out first:


One thing I wish the planners would have provided were descriptions of what was in each dish. This one consisted of some sort of steak, the creamiest mashed potatoes I’ve ever had in my life, and some sort of green pickled veggie. See how bad I am at guessing meal components?! It would have been nice to have been told what was in each dish so I wouldn’t have to guess.

In any event, it was freaking delicious!

Chef Katie’s dish came out next:


Again, no description of the plate was given, so here’s my guess: ravioli filled with some sort of meat and cheese, and drizzled with what tasted like a balsamic reduction.

Whatever this was, it was incredibly tasty! This was definitely my favorite out of the two plates.

After some waiting, the winner was announced: Chef Wil Pelly! A well deserved win.

To celebrate, we were served ginger flavored ice cream with caramel and whipped cream:


I’m a huge fan of anything ginger flavored, so naturally I fell in love with this ice cream.

All in all, this was a wonderful event. I had a great time, and I was super happy to have been invited!

See you next week!

  • Debbie

    What an honor for you to be asked to come to this event! Great review as usual!