Bully Boys


Guess what, y’all?

I ate BBQ again!


I know that I said I was tired of BBQ (and especially ribs) after my 5-week, 10 restaurant rib challenge. I think I also said that I wasn’t going to eat ribs again for a long long time.

Well…I just couldn’t resist! I had to have more! Smile

Actually…I’m just kidding. I do love ribs, and I always will, but I’m still taking a break from them.

So why am I talking about Bully Boys (again)?

Well, when I visited the first time around (for the ribs challenge), I had more than just ribs.

Much more.

And I want to talk about that today. So let’s hop to it, shall we?

As you know from my previous review, Bully Boys is located on a quiet strip of Gravois in south county.


You think I’m above recycling pictures? Think again! Winking smile

Unfortunately, the ribs at Bully Boys didn’t wow me, but there was definitely more food on my plate.

Like chicken:



This hunk of chicken was quite tasty! It was tender, juicy, and had the best tasting skin I’ve had in a long time. It was crispy, flavorful, and a bit spicy!

I also had a bit of garlic bread and some fries.



Stephanie loves bread. Stephanie loves fries. Stephanie loves to speak in the third person…

It was all good. The bread was hot, toasty, and super buttery. The fries were crispy and hot, but let’s be real – they probably came straight out of an Ore Ida bag. That’s okay; they were still quite good! In addition to recycled pictures, I’m also not above frozen fries. Winking smile

In my attempt to throw something “healthy” into the mix, I had some corn on the cob.



I know, I know…corn is not a vegetable. But this was pretty darn tasty! Buttery, hot, and delicious. Two thumbs up!

All of these sides were good, but I saved the star of the show for last.


You see those beans? You’re looking at the best baked beans in the world. In the world!

I can’t even describe how amazing these were. I haven’t been this speechless since I tried the tots at Blood & Sand! These beans were spicy, flavorful, and had pulled pork mixed in. Pulled pork! Who does that? Bully Boys does that. And they do it well. I could have eaten an entire trough (yes, a trough) of these beans. Heavenly. Just heavenly.

Service at Bully Boys was top notch. Prices were unbelievably cheap. And while the ribs weren’t my favorite, everything else more than made up for them. Especially those beans. Wowza.

I definitely recommend Bully Boys. Go there. Now!

See you next week. Smile

  • The thing about the corn cracked me up. Those baked beans sounds AWESOME!