Bread Pudding Challenge, Week 7: Eleven Eleven Mississippi


Good morning, and welcome to my second favorite day of the week: Wednesday! We’re halfway through the work week, and more importantly…it’s Bread Pudding Wednesday! I think BPW should be a holiday. What do you think? Smile

Anyway, I can’t believe we’re on Week 7 of the challenge! Just a few short weeks until me and Jess narrow down the field to determine who has the best bread pudding in St. Louis! Of course, we could never make such a huge decision without the help of our readers, so stay tuned. You’ll be involved in this too. Smile

This week I went to this place:


Eleven Eleven Mississippi. One of my absolute favorite restaurants in St. Louis. I promise a full review will come soon. But today is about one thing and one thing only: Bread Pudding! Let’s hop to it.

According to the menu, the white chocolate and pecan bread pudding would be served with vanilla ice cream and sauce anglaise. (what is sauce anglaise? It’s a type of vanilla sauce. Don’t worry…I had to google it too!)



Oh baby. First of all, the presentation is fabulous, isn’t it? A huge hunk of bread pudding surrounded by a pool of rich caramel sauce and topped with ice cream? It doesn’t get any better than that, trust me. Winking smile

Texture-wise, this bread pudding was perfect. It had that “french toast” consistency that I love. There’s nothing worse than soggy or custard-y bread pudding.

Taste-wise? Another hit! I loved the crunch of the pecans in this bread pudding, and even though I didn’t taste any hints of white chocolate, this was still heavenly. The caramel sauce was thick and sticky, which was different from the thinner caramel sauces at Annie Gunn’s and Remy’s, but still delicious in it’s own way.

Overall, I loved this bread pudding. It’s going to be so hard for me to pick a favorite! Here are my personal standings so far:

1. Remy’s, Annie Gunn’s, Eleven Eleven Mississippi (Yes, that’s a three-way tie! I can’t pick a favorite yet!)

4. Bridge Tap House

5. Harvest

6. Cyrano’s

7. Café Eau

Only a few weeks left of the BP Challenge! I’m going to be so sad when this is over.

So tell me: Have you visited any of the places listed above? Who has your favorite bread pudding?