Bread Pudding Challenge, Week 6: Annie Gunn’s


Good morning and happy Wednesday! I hope your Valentine’s Day was lovely. Me? I chilled at home with my favorite Valentine:


Say hi to Walcott! She’s my baby Smile 

Okay, enough mushiness. Let’s talk food! For this week’s Bread Pudding Challenge I headed to Annie Gunn’s in Chesterfield. This fancy pants restaurant is well-known for their steaks, but I was here for one thing and one thing only: bread pudding!

Annie Gunn’s has a banana bread pudding with Maker’s Mark caramel sauce. Sounds delish, right?


It was. This was served in a giant bowl. I’ve never been served bread pudding in a bowl until now! And with the crazy amount of caramel sauce that was served, I now understand why. It was practically swimming in it!



When this was first presented to me, I was wary. I was almost sure that this bread pudding would be soggy and custard-y, due to all of the caramel sauce.

But somehow…it wasn’t. It was a little soft, but not so much that it was custard like. It still had the firmness that I love in bread pudding. So texture-wise, it was spot on.

Taste-wise? Another home run! The banana flavor was pretty pronounced, and I loved how it was garnished with banana slices. This dessert was like bananas foster in bread pudding form! Delicious.

I give the bread pudding at Annie Gunn’s two thumbs up. But how does it compare to the other 5 spots I’ve tried so far? Here are my personal standings (1 is the best!):

1. Remy’s

2. Annie Gunn’s

3. Bridge Tap House

4. Harvest

5. Cyrano’s

6. Café Eau

As you can see, the BP at Annie Gunn’s didn’t knock Remy’s out of first place for me, but it’s a very close second! Poor Café Eau is still at the bottom for me. Blech.

I can’t wait to see what BP ends up being Jess’ favorite! Only a few more weeks left of the bread pudding challenge!

See you this Friday with a restaurant review! Smile

  • Kimmrenea

    Hi Walcott! He’s a cutie pie! Nice review! I love this challenge! That’s a yummy looking dessert, too!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Renea! I love my kitty…Walcott is pretty awesome. 🙂

      And the bread pudding was fabulous! It’s going to be hard to pick a favorite!

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