Bread Pudding Challenge, Week 1: Remy’s


Good morning, and happy Wednesday! Welcome to week 1 of the Bread Pudding Challenge.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read about it here! Me and Jess are going to be busy bread pudding eating machines. I love it! Smile

Anyway, the first place on the list was Remy’s. This sweet spot is located in the heart of Clayton. I had never visited Remy’s before, and I was impressed with the swank atmosphere.





Anyway, I came here for one thing, and one thing only:



Warm Apple & Golden Raisin Bread Pudding? You better believe it! When I was seated, I asked for the dessert menu, and the waiter immediately recommended the bread pudding. Someone’s a mind reader, eh? Smile 

Enough chatter. Let’s talk bread pudding!





Oh baby. This looked amazing! And the smell? To. Die. For.

See that little ball of goodness on top? That’s not ice cream – it’s brandy hard sauce! It slowly melted onto the hot bread pudding to become a super sweet icing-like substance. So good!

The bread pudding itself? Amazing. Texture-wise, this was perfect. I prefer a firmer bread pudding – almost the texture of french toast – versus a softer, more custard-y bread pudding. So the firmness of this BP passed my test.

Now I’ll admit – I was a little nervous when I read that the bread pudding contained both apples and raisins. I’m a bread pudding purist; I don’t like “stuff” in my BP! Keep it simple! But the apples and golden raisins were fine. Actually, they were more than fine – they brought this dessert to the next level!

My favorite part of this dessert was the super sweet caramel sauce. Remy’s did not skimp on this at all. It was drowning in sugary sweet caramel sauce! I loved it.

This bread pudding was so rich that I could only eat half. Trust me, I wanted to gobble down the whole thing, but I practiced restraint. Aren’t you proud?

What a great start to the Bread Pudding Challenge. The other restaurants on the list are going to have a lot to live up to!