Bogart’s Smoke House


Howdy, friends! How are y’all doin? 🙂

Whoops – sorry about the country bumpkin slang. There’s just something about barbecue that makes me want to talk like a cowgirl! I promise that’s the last time you’ll ever hear me say ‘Howdy’ on this blog.

I can’t make any promises about ‘y’all’, though. 😉

Anyway, I hope your week is going well. My week has been ridiculously busy! For the next few weeks, I’m writing a series of holiday mini-guides for Maplewood-Brentwood Patch. This week’s guide? Shop Local: Gifts for Women.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

I was also on television this week! If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve already heard about my appearance on Great Day St. Louis! I talked about holidays on a budget. Will someone do me a favor and tell me how I did? I can’t get past the first minute of the segment without curling up into a huge ball of embarrassment. Does anyone else hate seeing themselves on camera? Eep!

Okay, okay. Enough about me – let’s talk food! That’s why you’re here, right? 🙂

I recently went to Bogart’s Smokehouse in Soulard.

I’ve been aching to try this place ever since it opened. It immediately drew strong comparisons to another local BBQ joint – Pappy’s. And Pappy’s is goooooood.

Bogart’s is similar to Pappy’s, menu-wise. Check it out!

A nice variety of items, for sure!

After a lot of waffling back and forth – everything sounded so good!—I settled on a half rack of ribs, baked beans, and coleslaw. I took a seat on one of the picnic tables outside and soaked in the nice fall day.

Before I knew it, my food arrived!

Oh baby.

I couldn’t decide which picture I liked more, so you get to see both! Feel free to lick the screen.  You’re welcome.

I started with a bite of the baked beans. Wow! These were, hands down, the best baked beans I’ve ever had in my life. In my life! They were piping hot, and had a rich, smoky flavor that I loved. They even had a bit of a spicy kick to them! You know how I feel about spicy foods, right?

Next up? The coleslaw. This was delicious as well. It was mayo-based (rather than vinegar-based), which I enjoyed. It was cold, creamy, and super refreshing. I couldn’t get enough of this!

Finally, the main event. The ribs. Can I be honest for a moment? I’m not a huge rib girl! Actually, this was the first time I’ve ordered ribs from a restaurant. I know – bad food blogger.

Anyway, I didn’t know how to tackle these! Do I cut them with a knife and fork? Do I pick up the entire thing and gnaw at it? I was seriously at a loss. I looked around to see if anyone else had ribs.

I noticed a guy a few tables down pulling each rib apart by hand and eating it that way. Bingo! The meat was so tender that as I pulled each rib apart, the meat came clean off the bone. Oh my word. Delicious.

I sampled each of the sauces: The Sweet Meghan Ann was a sweet and smoky sauce. The Pineapple Express was super sweet and tangy. Mad Maddie’s Vinegar had a bit of an interesting (but delicious) bite to it. And finally, the Voodoo Sauce was super spicy without being overwhelming. I enjoyed all of the sauces, but the Sweet Meghan Ann and Voodoo sauces were my favorites.

Service at Bogart’s was friendly, efficient, and super speedy. People constantly walked around to ensure that everyone enjoyed their meals.

Prices were extremely reasonable, as well! My entire meal was less than $20, and kept me full for hours.

I highly recommend Bogart’s. One plus? The line isn’t nearly as long as Pappy’s!

See you next week!

  • I agree completely about the sauces and the beans. Those two sauces were my favorites as well, and the beans were excellent. I had the brisket when I visited, and while I liked it, I still think I’d give the nod to Pappy’s.

  • MELISA Source

    My husband loves BBQ and has been searching for a new place to try for awhile–we will have to stop in and give them a try! BTW: congrats on your news segment — you did great!!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks so much! You definitely have to give bogarts a try. They are awesome!

  • Yvonne Ray

    We love bbq and it’s always, “Where can we get good bbq other than cooking it ourselves”? Your pictures made the food look sooo inviting. The next urge we have for bbq will find us heading down to Bogarts. The prices seem to be very affordable. Thanks Stephanie.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Meemaw! I think you and pawpaw would love bogarts 🙂

  • You did great during your news segment! And those ribs look great. St. Louis is definitely on my food travel list.

    • Anonymous

      ?Disqus generic email templatethank you! The ribs were fantastic!

  • Renea

    I licked the screen over the baked beans and slaw, but passed over the dead carcass. Yum! 🙂 So, really? You didn’t know how to eat it! That’s too funny! The segment was super fab and yes, I do NOT like to hear my voice or see my image on video! That’s why I haven’t ever done UTube vids!

    • Anonymous

      ?Disqus generic email templateThanks Renea!

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