Blue Moon Brewmaster’s Dinner


So…I’ve been dying to blog about this event for the past two weeks. I’ve been thinking about this event for the past two weeks. You know how you know you’re a food blogger? You know you’re a food blogger when you leave a restaurant and say to yourself “I can’t wait to blog about this!

I may have said it out loud instead. Because I’m a food blogger and a huge dork. Smile

Anyway, a couple weeks ago, I was invited to this awesome event:


The Blue Moon Brewmaster’s Dinner!

It was held at the Malt House Cellar, which is housed in the same building as PW Pizza.

The dinner, as you can see from the menu above, involved five incredible courses, beer pairings, and this guy:


That man right there? That’s Keith Villa, the owner and creator of Blue Moon beer!

Excuse me while I freak out for a minute.

…okay. I’m back. I get a little star struck, ya know? 🙂

The event space was set up beautifully. I loved all of the brick, and it just felt really cozy.

After some mingling (and some Blue Moon – of course!) it was time for dinner. Everyone settled in pretty quickly.


I don’t know about anyone else, but I was hungry!

The first course was Vietnamese Shrimp Spring Rolls. They were served on a small bed of greens with a soy ginger sauce.


This first dish was paired with Blue Moon Belgian White.

This dish was fantastic! I’m usually not a fan of spring rolls, but this one was super tasty, and I think it had a lot to do with the delicious soy ginger sauce. I couldn’t get enough of it – it was sweet and had a little kick to it!

Next up? Cauliflower Soup. It was topped with curried apples and pumpernickel croutons.


This dish was paired with Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale.


This dish was another winner! I’m a huge fan of cauliflower soup, so I knew I would enjoy it. I wasn’t crazy about the crouton and apples, though. Just gimme the soup by itself!

The Harvest Pumpkin Ale was fantastic, too. I love pumpkin beers, and this one may have juuuust edged out Schlafly’s pumpkin ale as my favorite!

Course number three was Grilled Halibut, served with brown basmati rice and saffron beurre blanc.


So pretty!

This dish was paired with Blue Moon First Peach Ale.


The halibut was really tasty. I loved how flaky and tender it was, and it was so good next to the basmati rice!

The peach ale was tasty, too – I feel like it was a perfect pairing with this dish. It was light, fruity, and not too overpowering.

The fourth dish was Moroccan Spiced Lamb Racks, served with warm couscous pilaf and lemon black pepper jus.


It was paired with the lovely Blue Moon Farmhouse Red Ale.

Oh. My. Goshhhhh. This was, hands down, my favorite dish of the night. The lamb was so tender and flavorful. It paired perfectly with the couscous, and I made sure to sop up every last bit of the lemon black pepper jus. It was perfect.

If the meal would have ended here, I would have been a very happy girl.

But there was one more course:


Warm Chocolate Ganache Cake!

This was paired with Blue Moon Cinnamon Horchata Ale.


Wow. What a perfect way to end the meal. The chocolate ganache cake was so incredible. Inside of this cake was a rich chocolate sauce that completely knocked my socks off. I’m kicking myself for not taking a picture of it!

And the beer? Well, I was looking forward to this one alllllll night. Cinnamon Horchata Ale? I love horchata, but I never thought that anyone would make a beer out of it!

Well, they did. And it was fab. It had notes of cinnamon and spice, and I just loved it.

Overall, this was an incredible event, and I am completely flattered that I was invited. Start to finish, it was perfect. I loved the food, the beer pairings were amazing, and hearing Keith Villa talk at length about how each beer came to be, along with the story of how Blue Moon came about, was incredible. This was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime event, and I’m so so glad I was able to go.

See you next time!

  • I was jealous when I read the title and now I’m even more jealous after reading the entire thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Sounds like an amazing event. You’ve got me tempted to start writing about restaurants on Arch City Homes if I could get invited to stuff like this.

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