Bittersweet Bakery


Bittersweet Bakery. Ahhh.

It is located in the lovely Benton Park neighborhood in St. Louis, MO, which is a rapidly changing, growing, and soon to be AMAZING neighborhood. Hell, some might say it’s amazing already! It is definitely unique. And filled with little gems like this place.

Before I even get to the food, let’s talk about the space. It’s in a HUGE building. The inside almost looks like a loft, with exposed bricks and ductwork. It’s very very cool. I wish I could have captured that on film.

When I walked in, I noticed something that I’ve never seen in a bakery before. All of the pastries and goodies were out on display. No sneeze guard, nothing to keep you from getting up close and personal with everything on the menu. Of course when you actually order, they give you something fresh that ISN’T sitting out! What a nice way to get a look at everything.

look at all of those treats!

I had to take some close ups of the pastries out on display.

three different types of quiche!

Okay, on to the food. I started with the sauteed wild mushroom and gruyere quiche.

It was topped with a citrus herbed salad (not pictured) that amounted to a few leaves of spinach and a couple of dried cranberries; it was quite forgettable. The quiche itself was creamy, and there were plenty of mushrooms spread throughout. The crust was my favorite. It was rich and buttery. Although tasty, the quiche was honestly too rich for me, and I could only eat half. But it was still pretty to look at.

super close up of the quiche!

this is what it looked like inside. Look at all of those mushrooms...

Next up was the bacon and cheese savory pastry.  It was probably the highlight of my meal. It had a nice flaky crust, and the warm gooey cheese went along nicely with the thick, chewy bacon. It was probably the tastiest thing I had at the bakery. I could have eaten two! Or three! Mmm.

bacon and cheese savory pastry

A view of what's inside...

I saved what I thought would be the best for last. The sticky bun bread pudding. I am a bread pudding FANATIC. I love the stuff. Even when it’s bad, it’s usually pretty good.

Well…this wasn’t BAD, per se…but it wasn’t quite as good as it looked. It was topped with caramel and candied pecans, which were pretty yummy, but it didn’t have that ooomph I’m looking for. Even though the girl working the counter popped it in the microwave, it could have stood to be a little warmer.

sticky bun bread pudding

Even though I was too full to eat the whole thing, I made sure I ate every last one of those candied pecans!

So…would I come back? I’m not itching to come back, but if a friend wanted to go, she wouldn’t have to drag me. Oh, who am I kidding? I’ll be back. I can’t resist a good pastry. Hell, I can’t resist a mediocre pastry either! Yeah…I’ll be back.

  • Katie Mez Luner

    I’m so sad I haven’t gotten to try this place yet… but your pictures look great!

    • Thank you, Katie! Thanks for visiting and commenting! 🙂 yeah, you gotta try it out. The place is GORGEOUS.

  • David M.

    oh my goodness…I’m drooling! This place looks delicous!!

  • I get to travel to St. Louis several times a year and will make an effort to stop here!

  • Your pictures are beautiful! Now I’m craving something sweet 🙂

  • What a yummy blog! I’ve bookmarked you now. Now I want to go back to St. Louis, just for the bakery.

  • Stephanie,
    Great photos and yummy descriptions. Because of your review, I’m heading over to BitterSweet Bakery today!

  • oh i’ve totally been meaning to check this place out. will have to soon. you made it look delicious!

    • You’ve got to check it out! Thanks for visiting and commenting! 🙂

  • aviewfromme

    Oh my, it’s a good thing I had breakfast before looking at this post. I’d love to visit that bakery! The atmosphere looks wonderful, treats divine and that quiche! How lucky you are to have such a great spot.

  • oh wow!! yum! i want to go!

    great blog! though i should probably avoid it when i’m hungry!