Subzero Vodka Bar


Good morning, and happy Friday! I hope your week has zoomed by! Who’s ready for the weekend?

I recently went to SubZero Vodka Bar with a few friends.


It’s a cute little bar in the Central West End. It was a beautiful day, so we sat out on the patio. I wasn’t terribly hungry, so I started with a Bacon Bloody Mary:


This baby was made with bacon flavored vodka, and was even garnished with a strip of bacon! Genius.

I loved this drink, but after about halfway through, I had had enough. Too much of a good thing? Maybe.

I definitely wasn’t intending on ordering anything to eat, but just out of curiosity, I flipped through the menu. Look what I found!


Do you see what I see? Banana Vodka Bread Pudding? Say it isn’t so! I had to order this. Obviously.


It was a generous portion, and it looked tasty enough.

However, this was a huge let down. It tasted very spongey, and not in a good way! I wasn’t a fan of the golden raisins that were dispersed throughout, and I couldn’t taste even the slightest hint of banana!

The excellent service made up for the horrible bread pudding, however. The waiter noticed that I wasn’t a fan of my dessert, and he took it off my bill! Nice. Thank you!

I would definitely come back to SubZero to sample more from their menu, and perhaps order another bacon bloody mary – this time in a smaller glass, perhaps?

See you next week!

  • Have you had the bread pudding at Frazer’s? A friend and I were talking about dessert last night and she says it is to die for. (for me, it’s the cheesecake at Herbie’s…but I digress.)

  • kimrenea

    I look forward to reading your clever, witty, and honest reviews! WHOA! Baaacoonn Bloody Mary???? WHU?! They say bacon can stand alone…Sounds really good, actually, from a former carnivore! Maybe they should have just added a few drops of bacon grease, the bacon as garnish, and left out the bacon-flavored vodka. Maybe they’ll rethink it based soley on my humble suggestion….Or yours! Intyway…The bread pudding looks like one of the fake desserts on a display tray at Vegas…Could it be? Thanks for another entertaining review!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks renea! Haha, I love your idea! I think the bacon vodka was good in small amounts, but getting rid of it (or not using as much) would definitely make it more drinkable! 🙂