Annie Gunn’s


Howdy! Remember when I visited Annie Gunn’s for the Bread Pudding Challenge? Let me refresh your memory:


Banana Bread Pudding, drowning in caramel sauce. Yum.

Well, while I visited Annie Gunn’s, I also had some savory food. As much as I’d love to eat a huge hunk of bread pudding for lunch, I knew that I needed to get some ‘real’ food into my system first.

I pored over the menu. While Annie Gunn’s is best known for their steaks, I wasn’t in the mood for something quite that heavy. I went with the next best thing – a hamburger!

Annie Gunn’s offers a number of different burgers (and even a mini burger for mini appetites!). I went with Annie Gunn’s Hamburger Special Blend. Freshly ground prime striploin, ribeye, angus tenderloin and brisket made up this unique burger. I ordered it topped with pepperjack cheese and bacon, of course Winking smile



Looks pretty amazing, right? It was served with a side of fantastic french fries. Seriously…those babies were amazing!

But back to the burger.



I ordered it cooked medium, as usual.



They actually did a pretty decent job! I prefer my burger a tiny bit pinker, though. Maybe I should start ordering my burgers medium rare?

In any event, my burger was delicious. It was juicy and flavorful. The cheese and bacon added a wonderful touch. And you know I had to top it was BBQ sauce too, right? Smile Uh. May. Zing.

Service at Annie Gunn’s was a little less than stellar, to be completely honest. I was surprised – I expected a restaurant of this caliber to have flawless service.

First strike? My waitress didn’t acknowledge me until 10 minutes after I was seated! Unacceptable.

Strike two: when she finally did acknowledge me, she asked me if I would like a menu. Say what? This question would make sense if I was seated at the bar, but I wasn’t – I was at a table in the dining room. Why wouldn’t I want to see a menu? Weird question, and it was a little off-putting.

Another slight annoyance: no bread was brought to my table. I realized that every other table around me had bread, while I was left breadless. By the time my waitress came around, she had my burger in hand, so I didn’t mention the absence of bread. Not a big deal, but I was disappointed that the attention to detail wasn’t completely there.

These comments are not to bash Annie Gunn’s or try to dissuade anyone from visiting the restaurant. It’s a pretty good restaurant, and I would probably go back. But the service is something that left a bad taste in my mouth, and I feel that it’s only fair that I mention it.

Again, aside from the spotty service, Annie Gunn’s did a pretty decent job. And the food was near perfect, which is all that this food blogger can ask for. Winking smile

See you next week!