Anheuser-Busch Beer and Food Pairing Dinner


So…I really wanted to name this blog post More Cake than Steak – trust me, it will make a lot more sense later – but I refrained. If you’re a long-time reader of this blog, you should be proud of the immense amount of restraint 32-year-old Stephanie has now (as compared to 22-year-old Firecracker Stephanie). But I digress. Usually my blog posts are only this long-winded, weird, and meandering when I write them at 2am, but I’m actually writing this one at a decent hour, so…can I blame the wine I’m drinking? Yeah. Let’s do that.

Anyway, I swear this blog post has a purpose, so let’s get to it – let’s talk about food! And beer. Delicious, delicious beer.


When the lovely folks at Anheuser-Busch invited me to one of their monthly Beer and Food Pairing Dinners at The Biergarten, of course I said yes! I actually said more than just yes, but my mom reads this blog, so…yes. I said yes!

And when they told me I could bring a guest, I knew my sister would love an event like this, so I invited her! She said yes. 🙂


Even though she’s my younger sister, I still like to tell myself that one day I’ll be as pretty as she is. Ughhhh…stop making life so hard for me, Cort!

Back to the food. This month’s menu was inspired by Anheuser Busch’s Kona brand, which is themed around Hawaii and Polynesia, so the food had that theme as well!


Four courses, each paired with a different Kona brand beer. This girl was excited!

Before the dinner started, they had an open bar where we could try any of the other Anheuser Busch beers on tap.


After a long week of work, I really wanted to go HAM on this open bar, but since I knew there would be plenty of beer served with dinner and I had to be a good (read: not drunk) food blogger and I knew that I still needed to be able to drive home after all of this, I was good and only had one beer from the open bar. Again – 32-year-old Stephanie coming at you so hard with that restraint, y’all!

It was a Sofie, in case you were wondering. There’s no picture because I’m a bad food blogger sometimes.

But I did take pictures of the lovely setup!



I’m a good food blogger sometimes. 🙂

Time for dinner! The first course was Shoyu Chicken over White Rice. It featured boneless all white meat chicken marinated in a traditional blend of Polynesian spices served over white rice.


I enjoyed this dish. The chicken was flavorful and yummy!

It was served with a Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale. I really liked this beer!


One of the brewmasters came out to talk about the beer, and he also did a quick demo on how to properly pour a beer!


I don’t remember his name, and I’m also not sure if he was really a brewmaster – but that sounds good, right? I’m a bad food blogger sometimes.

But I got some sweet action shots!



I’m a good food blogger sometimes.

And I also captured my sister in action! She’s a pro.


Next course: a Hawaiian Citrus Salad: Chopped romaine hearts and mixed greens topped with pineapples, oranges, feta, and pecans, and tossed in an orange-shallot vinaigrette.


It was paired with a Kona Big Wave Golden Ale.


Along with our salad, we were also served bread and butter. The butter was made using Goose Island Ale, and it was fantastic!


Next course? Filet and Mahi-Mahi: a dual-entree of Petite Budweiser marinated filet and Mahi-Mahi topped with a spicy house made sweet and sour glaze served with a sweet potato medley. I really enjoyed this dish. All of the flavors came together nicely, and I especially liked the sweet potato medley.


This was paired with Kona Hanalei IPA.


During the course of the night, my sister and I chatted it up with our lovely tablemates. They were definitely one of the highlights of the night for me – we talked and laughed the whole night! We didn’t know each other before the night began, but we became fast friends. They were awesome, and I wish I would have taken a photo of everyone!

The evening flew by, and before we knew it, our final course – dessert – came out. Chocolate Dobash Cake!


This. Cake. Was. Huuuuuuge. Someone at our table commented that we had “more cake than steak” and I agreed! No one was complaining, though, because this cake was delicious! It was a layered chocolate cake filled with chocolate buttercream frosting, and topped with a caramel glaze. Definitely my favorite course of the night!

It was paired with the Kona Koko Brown Nut Ale:


This was also my favorite beer of the night, and it paired so wonderfully with the cake!

Overall, the event was wonderful. I had a blast with my sister (and with the table), the the food was good, the beer was fantastic, and I’m so glad I went! Thank you to my friends at Anheuser-Busch for the invite!

See you next time!

  • Cortney

    I had such a good time at the event! I still think about the cake ? Thank you so much for the invite!

    P.S. You should have posted the photo I took of you looking absolutely gorgeous! (As always ?)