Bailey’s Range


Good morning and happy Friday! I hope your December is going well and you’re staying nice and warm. Me? Well, I’m already sick of this weather. Is it spring yet?

On to happier subjects. Let’s talk about food! I recently went to Bailey’s Range; this new-ish burger joint is owned by the same man behind Bailey’s Chocolate Bar, Rooster, and Bridge Tap House!


A place that specializes in burgers and shakes? How could I not adore a place like this! I also fell in love with the interior. Bailey’s Range is located in a gorgeous 2 story loft-like building downtown.





I sat on the second floor, which gave me a great view of the entire place. Look at this neat community table on the first floor!


How cool. Smile

Enough of the scenery – let’s talk about the food! I pored over the drink menu first. And then…this caught my eye.


Do you see what I see? Sweet Sweet Bacon? A bacon shake? A BACON SHAKE?!


You better believe it.

I was super excited about trying the shake, but unfortunately, it failed to meet my high expectations. The ice cream was too runny (not thick and shake-like at all!) and there was way too much booze in this baby. In fact, the bourbon was all I could taste! No bueno. Sad smile

After the disappointment of the shake wore off, I was ready to dive into a burger. I decided to roll with the Pork & Apple Burger – a ground pork patty, apple butter, bacon, smoky blue cheese, and chipotle aioli.



With a side of fries, of course. Smile



First things first: the burger. Oh my goodness, you guys. This burger was fantastic. Hot, juicy, and flavorful. Every component of the burger worked well. I enjoyed the soft (and freshly made!) bun, the creaminess of the blue cheese, the crisp bacon. It was all so good.

And the fries! Oh, those fries. They were super crispy, hot, and again – delicious. The dipping sauces (rooster sauce on the left, BBQ sauce on the right) were fantastic as well, especially the Rooster sauce. I’m not sure exactly what is in the Rooster sauce (it’s mayo based), but it was, hands down, the best condiment I’ve had in a while. So good!

Service at Bailey’s Range was fantastic. And the prices weren’t too expensive, either!

Needless to say, I’ll definitely be back to Bailey’s. They have a wide variety of burgers to choose from, and even though my shake was a failure, everything else was tasty enough for me to return.

See you next week!

  • Danielle Hohmeier

    hmmmm I love Range! I posted this review recently too –

    The burgers and fries are so good. And I agree with you on the Rooster sauce…. it must have crack in it.

    Service though? eh. Bailey’s restaurants all struggle there in my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      I love your review! Yes, the rooster sauce is AMAZING.

  • dying to try this place!!

    • Anonymous

      it is SO good, Natalie!